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WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

As I mentioned in my post for last Monday’s show, I’m a genre-bender. I haven’t met a genre that I didn’t like. Admittedly, I tend toward jazz and blues with world {traditional, indigenous, international} flavors which is why I subtitle the show: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice. Today’s show was the third in a row that I played a hip-hop/rap selection. (See: video feature of Fresh Espresso below) This is not a predictable genre for a woman from Johnson County, IL fixin’ to celebrate her 50th birthday real soon. But then it isn’t too normal for a person with my demographic markers to have a French-transliterated Chinese middle name on her birth certificate either. I have a love and fascination for both my native neck-of-the-woods and the particular spots of others around the globe. I am amazed at both the diversity and the connections. I delight in the serendipitous synchronicities. I delight in the knowledge that Belleruche is able to put out such complex sounds and sophisticated lyrics with one guy on guitar, one on turntable and one female neo-jazz vocalist with a whole lot of blue notes.

This is also how I cook. Simple and straight-forward. Deceptively nutritious. Comforting. Comfortable. Unexpectedly delicious. Chai-scented pound cake. What could be more basic that an unadorned buttery pound cake? But add some good quality real vanilla and some freshly ground cardamom seeds directly from my mortar and pestle. Finish with a tablespoon or so of citrus zest (fresh or dried) and the barest hint of companion aromatics like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, and the simple becomes subtly complex but not brazenly so. It is the perfect end to a favorite meal of mine that consists of good bread, fresh salad, and soup. If I’m lucky I’ve got some nice wine and strong coffee as an accompaniment. Variations are endless. It tends to attract good company, so it never gets old.

Comfort food feeds the soul as it nourishes the body. It isn’t flashy, not because it is boring, but because it has substance. May you all be nourished and sustained throughout the week. We’ll see you next Monday if not before. Peas Out! ~Lori

Special Guest Appearance: I’ll be a guest on Faithfully Subversive this week. Check Marleen out on Thursday mornings from 9-10.

{WPC Radio Playlist: 2/21/11}

In Praise and Gratitude Do
Dos Eternidade Carmen Souza

Wayo Do’a
Petite Fleur Dick Buama
Gospel Medley Lizz Wright
Let Me In Your Life Bill Withers
Lean On Me Bill Withers
So It Goes Nick Lowe
Railroad Preacher Boy
Make Them Crazy John Gorka
You Can’t Resist It Lyle Lovett
Pearls Sade

Goose Blues Belleruche
Play That Fast Thing Nick Lowe
Right Here Fresh Espresso

Hello Bonjour Michael Franti
Can’t Make It Through The Night Deadstring Brothers
The Right Time Ray Charles & The Raylettes
Soldier of Love Sade
Roger Wilco Shaun Colvin
Rien De Rien Edith Piaf
I’d Like Freshlyground