“It’s Too Damn Early,” 2/5/11

Although it may be more artistically fitting that shuffled mp3s accompany our world being slowly buried in whiteness, I’m still happy to be able to bring a bit of warm human energy to the station this morning. Enjoy today’s show before retreating back to your caves ’til summer.

T.D. Skatchit, Scott Looney — Regrets (from “Skatch Migration,” on Edgetone)
T.D. Skatchit, Kyle Bruckmann — Flammable Skatch
T.D. Skatchit, Ron Heglin — Shring Shrong Skatch
Daniel Lentz — Wolf Is Dead (from “On The Leopard Altar,” on Cold Blue Music)
Daniel Lentz — Lascaux
Daniel Lentz — On The Leopard Altar
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Pulse Widthed Doors (from “Blaue Blooded Turen,” on Resipiscent)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Helilude
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Dark Waldung
Thollem McDonas — For All Those Yet To Come (from “Gone Beyond Reason To Find One,” on Edgetone)
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Aufzahlungszeiche
Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet — Fanfares
Renato Rinaldi — Hoarse Frenzy (from album of the same name on Last Visible Dog)
Ross Bolleter — Unfinished Business (from “Crow Country,” on Pogus Productions)
Ross Bolleter — Under Rookwood
Inhabitants — Far Away In Old Words (from “A Vacant Lot,” on Drip Audio)
Renato Rinaldi — We Shall Overtone, pt.3 (from “We Shall Overtone,” on Last Visible Dog)
Christopher Roberts — Kon Burunemo (from “Trio For Deep Voices,” on Cold Blue Music)
Scott Looney — Rumination (from “Repercussions,” on Edgetone)
Scott Looney — Janus
Univers Zero — Les Kobolds (from “Clivages,” on Cuneiform Records)
Univers Zero — Warrior


“It’s Too Damn Early,” 1/1/11

Happy New Year, everyone! (And my particularly good wishes to those of you who tuned me in live this morning!) As is my custom for New Year’s, today’s broadcast is tuned thousands of years into the future.

There, in a society that would barely be recognizable to today’s so-called “modern man;” is a world of jetpacks, meals in a pill, nanocrystal insta-learn sniff powder, and space elevator trips to the Lunar National Forest. Salamanders walk like men (and take many of the good jobs) and every robot is on Friendster (which is back, providing the robot hipster counterculture their dose of irony).

RP Collier — Exegesis
Fat Worm of Error — Wipeless Two (from “Ambivalence and the Beaker,” on Resipiscent)
Fat Worm of Error — Return of the Thin White Dook
Fat Worm of Error — Mashed Potentate
KK Null — Tokyo August 15 (from Zelphabet, volume “K”)
Ava Mendoza — Don’t Pity Me (Up In Flames) [from “Shadow Stories,” on Resipiscent)
Ava Mendoza — The Furious Harpy Who Followed Me Everywhere
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds & Machines (machine suite) [from “Birds + Machines,” on Pogus Productions)
Gen Ken Montgomery — Birds & Machines (Bird Suite)
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Third Anomaly (Failure) [from “The Anomaly That Had Gotten the Better of Me,” on OKS Records of North America]
The Painful Leg Injuries — Phosphorus! Of Course For Us!
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Confused Clone’s Mirror Moment
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Fourth Anomaly
The Painful Leg Injuries — Tropical Sabbaticals Traveled Subatomical
My Fun — Churning Surf (from “Camaraderie,” on The Land Of)
My Fun — Dunes
My Fun — Still Pointing, Recording Nothing
My Fun — Gasp
@c — Composition #77, pts. 6-8 (from “0°-100°,” on Monochrome Vision)
RP Collier — Detector Dreams
RP Collier — Plaxplex

Jessica’s Jukebox – 12/21/10

This will be the last Jessica’s Jukebox for a while. Thank you all for tuning in to my show! I hope to return at some point – so stay tuned to WDBX!

Rock N Roll Music – Chuck Berry
Rose-Colored Times – Lisa Loeb
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles
Around the World – Daft Punk
I Love to Boogie – T. Rex
Hold Your Head Up – Argent
Destroyer – The Kinks
Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes
A Long December – Counting Crows
The Christians and the Pagans – Dar Williams
Jump – Kris Kross
Celebration – Kool & the Gang
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips
Merry Christmas… If That’s Ok – MST3K
A Patrick Swayze Christmas – MST3K
David Bowie/Bing Crosby Christmas Special:
Must Be Santa – Bob Dylan:
Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes:
Bowie – from “Flight of the Conchords”
Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner
Jenny – from “Flight of the Conchords”
Fidelity – Regina Spektor:
Don’t Treat Your Man Like A Dog – Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women
(Nothing But) Flowers – Talking Heads
Never Kissed a Girl – Woodbox Gang
Family Night – Woodbox Gang

Thanks, y’all! Peace, love, and happiness! 🙂

“Style City” 12/19/10

Thanks for listening! If you liked the show, call me next week! 618-457-3691.

Candlestickmaker — 107049
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Magic Spoon (from “Special Rumble,” on Kracfive)
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Relative Salmon
Colongib, Christopher Graves — Wagun
Listen to Sarah — Mulatto
Listen to Sarah — Dub Cha Pap
Listen to Sarah — Rainsticks
Lackluster — 18/10/99
Lackluster — 26/05/00
Elebleu — The Two Lines Between Us
Elebleu — The Mothman
Elebleu — Like Tigers In the Back Seat of My Car
Kim Cascone — Dust Theories
Aphex Twin — Donkey Rhubarb *listener request*
Jfrank — Dutch Flood
Jfrank — Last Train
Elliot — Scrape
Nonima — Not in Portland
Tom Woxom — Electric Mind

“Style City” 12/12/10

Thanks for listening! Call in at 618-457-3691.

Sorry I was a little spaced out. This show was sort of wonky, but I hope you liked it anyway. “Boards of Cannibal” rock, haha.

Machine Drum — Thanks Very Much
Machine Drum — Machine Drum
Pierlo — King of the Kitchen (from “Olivetti Prodest,” on Upitup Records)
Pierlo — Xor
Pierlo — Barbarian
Books on Tape — Dance of the Drum Cadets (on “Throw Down Your Laptops,” Deathbomb Arc)
Books on Tape — Terranaut
Scrambled Mache — Juicy (from “The Bubblemaker”)
Scrambled Mache — Flashback
Scrambled Mache — Run Pool
Mice Parade — Dub Interlude 2
Mice Parade — Open Air Dance, pt. 1, 2, 3
Scrambled Mache — Electric Soil
Scrambled Mache — Temper
Scrambled Mache — Dream Speaker
Scrambled Mache — Undercover
Scrambled Mache — Egg Yolk
Quench — Bud
DJ Em Eff — Warm Leatherette
Unagi Patrol — I’m Going To The Deli
Boards of Canada — Roygbiv
Pierlo — Orcamancer
Piero — Skyroads

“It’s Too Damn Early,” 12/11/10

I decided I’d do an all-noise episode this week, but purposely tripped myself straight out of the gate. Bestial Earthhammer is a black metal tape, complete with all the lo-fidelity fun you might associate with the genre. But that’s okay, I’m sure the rest of the show will make up for this offense– witness KK Null and Seijiro Murayama’s “Absolute Magnitude” album!

I had a hard time reading the inside of the Haunted Vawmitt double 3″– I had received it at a show, had a nice chat with the friendly folks themselves, but still had to shine a really bright light on the package until I could decipher exactly what it was called!

Right now, I’m thoroughly digging this live Merzbow album, “Live at Henie Onstad Art Center.” The performance was apparently part of the “Kurt Schwitters in Norway” exhibition, which must have been seriously amazing. Wouldn’t it be great to have things like this in Southern Illinois?

Speaking of seriously amazing– have you heard the Zelphabet series of releases curated by GX Jupitter-Larsen? These are incredible, zelphabetically-themed discs (volume “K,” which I am particularly stoked about, drops in 18 days!) from all sorts of noise artists. I’m playing “E” right now, which has Ed Osborn, Elliot Sharp, Emil Beaulieau, and Evil Moisture.

Bestial Earthhammer — Organe Magic of the Black Sun Cult (from “Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon,” on Lunar Blasphemy)
Ritualistic School of Errors — Pancakes Soaked, Started Bucking (from “Sweat-stained Fancy Heaps for First-Rate Ladies,” on Resipiscent)
Ritualistic School of Errors — Leaking Fancy Fanny, Ladies Laugh
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Massacre Gene (from “Mad Blockhead’s Tale,” on Roil Noise)
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Mutant Hell
Kenji Siratori, Torturing Nurse — Abolition Body
Absolute Null Punkt — Absolute Magnitude 1 (from “Absolute Magnitude,” on Blossoming Noise)

Haunted Vawmitt — Spiritual Entrails (from “Spiritual Entrails,” double-3″)
Rubbish — untitled track 1 (from untitled 3″, on Roil Noise)
Rubbish — untitled track 2

Merzbow — Live at Henie Onstad Art Center, 10/11/09 (on Prisma)
The Eternal Om — The Eternal Om (found cassette)
Evil Moisture — Blood Picnic (from “E” volume of the incredible “Zelphabet” series)
The Adjective Noun — Mask Up You! Black Bloccader (parts 1-4, on album of the same name, via USA Surpasses All Nazi Genocide Records)
Plasmic Formations — untitled (from split cassette 064 w/Zemekky, on Epicene Sound)

“Style City” 12/5/10

I have a sore throat, so sorry I can’t talk much on the air this week. I hope you enjoy the show anyway. I’m really excited about Christmas! Send me some music on Soundcloud! Thanks for all the phone calls, too!

Books on Tape — Sad Song, Winter Version (from “Throw Down Your Laptops,” on Deathbomb Arc)
Books on Tape — Smart on TV
Books on Tape — The Crawl
Scrap.edx — Nonlinear Interfacing
Scrap.edx — The Wire
Scrap.edx — Differentiator
Mice Parade — Phasen Wiese
Mice Parade — Freedom World Excerpt
Mice Parade — All Roads Lead To Salzberg
Hautlle — Jehova Like Joy (from “Boundaries Destroyed,” on Complex Sound Sagacity)

Quench — Scid
Quench — Vexx
Quench — Diaz
Unagi Patrol — Party (from “Elevate and Pool,” on Carpet Bomb)
Unagi Patrol — Lost Continental
Unagi Patrol — pblf
DJ Em Eff (Michael Frazer) — Zelda Fairy Fountain IDM v.3
Hautlle — URn Sp4