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Today’s show was a bit of a departure from the norm. To compile each of my weekly shows, I have three separate “playlists in progress.” One folder is on my iTunes synced on my iTouch and iMac. I have a separate list on my desktop in Pages. The third is usually stuffed in my purse’s wallet. These three lists start to talk to each other more as the weekend approaches. Normally before I go to be Sunday night, I have a draft saved to The Blogapus consisting of youtube videos and a tentative playlist which I rearrange as the show is live. I have extra MP3 music as well as CDs…just in case.

Today’s show started out with my normal organization, but by the weekend I was getting suggestions as well as requests. This morning I even had a few stop-bys and call-ins. Normally these kind of influences will have the show leaning a bit more toward the musical comfort food: jazz, blues, folk, roots, blue grass, alt country, etc. Today’s show, however, had a heavier hand on the World of Spices.

The world felt a little off kilter today. We are still feeling the effects of the tragic shooting this weekend. We awoke to the odd storm that has Southern Illinois chilled but not frozen and my friends and family further south ill-equipped for their surplus of snow. My calendar is marked with events marking peace and nonviolence as we approach the birthday of MLK this weekend. Ironically, last week’s playlist included the Nick Lowe classic, What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love & Understanding. Can’t be too short of those this week.

Peas & Blessings for us all. Until next week…and the return of special guests and community profiles. Peas Out!


Duet for Violin and Sitar Ravi Shankar & Yehudi Menuhin
Oya Lizz Wright
Hello Bonjour Michael Franti & Spearhead
Anything You Want (Not That) Belleruche
Angels of Persepolis Mehran

Flute Duo No. 4 – Andante Con Variazioni Laurel Zucker & Sara Andon
Tuareg Nomads Kiah Keya-Ahheahedon Tuareg Womens Jama Footsteps in Africa
No Corras Tanto El Combolinga

Hong Kong Mambo Tito Puente
Nature Boy Lizz Wright
How Many Times Belleruche
East to the West Michael Franti
Sol Y Sombra The Cat Empire
Get Away Katchafire

Could You Be Loved Bob Marley & The Whalers
Pasargad Mehran
Te Es Mon Secours Aseline Volcy
Safaa The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club
Noor Kiu Haghighi
Far Far Yael Naim
Tujhe Bhula Diya Mohit Chauhan, Shekhar Ravjiani, Shruti Pathak

Late Train Belleruche

Bonus Track:

The Making of Sand Animation Cesar Díaz Meléndez


‘Tis the Season {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

‘Tis the Season, at least by my personal calendar. I refuse to look at anything related to the December holidays until, well, December. As a child, things still happened in accordance to the constraints of the seasons. Yes, there may have been bananas and oranges in the markets year round, but not cranberries nor asparagus. It was well on a week from Thanksgiving that I noticed the snowflakes and mistletoe replacing the burnt sienna, ocher, and crimson leaves and bunches of Indian corn. Because it only lasted 2-3 weeks, I was thrilled when I heard the AM radio stations (the ONLY music available in cars) change from their regular format to holiday tunes. No matter what they played year round, they all switched to the jiggling bells and caroling choirs for that brief period of unity. Charlie Brown’s Christmas became a staple as I was older, but as early as I can remember the Abominable Snowman needed a dental check up. All of America watched it together on the same channel at the same time. It’s a Wonderful Life, at least that is how it felt even as the cities were erupting with tension and the war in Viet Nam was teaching us words like Napalm and defoliant.

In truth, life is never as simple as we remember…nor as stark. Life is both simple and complex simultaneously. And so is my relationship with both holiday music and holiday traditions. My solution is to diversify. And I think today’s playlist is a reflection of that. I went with Tony Bennett over Perry Como as an homage to Christmas Specials Past. For the remainder of December I will be seeking out the more uncommon songs, including some World music variations.

This past weekend I had the privilege of riding in the WDBX float. It is the first parade I’ve been in since I was a Girl Scout. Rather than watching the parade of colorful lighted confections pass me by from a curbside spot, I was bundled in the flatbead with Grandma “Jazzy” Jean, Big Muddy Greg, Schwa of Carolyn, Jazzy Sarah, Delaney aka RoseMarie, Daddy G, Momma C, Bongo, Jason and a passel of future DJs. That was my true inspiration for playing some holiday tunes this morning. I saw people literally dancing in the street as our float came by. Carolyn and Cathy had some marvelous picks on the sound system.

This week, I will be baking cookies. Not as with my girls when they were little to gift to friends and neighbors, but a large batch of one variety of cookie to donate to the annual Cookie Walk at Carbondale First Christian Church. From 9-Noon this coming Saturday, I will don the food handler’s glove and pick out an assortment of cookies to be purchased by the pound. It think that my baking will have to be interrupted for a Thursday morning performance by the Carbondale Morning Etude Club. Carbondale is certainly not lacking in community spirit which makes this season such a wonderful time to be home.

What are your favorite songs, traditions, foods, etc for the holidays? Don’t be afraid to drop me a line or better yet make a comment below. Let me know if I can share them on the air.

Holiday Medley Jimi Hendrix
All the Seeds Lizz Wright
Because the Night Patti Smith
Christmas Medley Tony Bennett
Cripple Creek Ferry Neil Young
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Heart Nick Lowe
An Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove Japhlet Bire Attias

I Bought You a Plastic Star for Your Aluminum Christmas Tree Michael Franks, Kirk Whalum & Larry Goldings
Joy To The World Cynthia Cathcart
Juanito Ricardo Marlow
Celebrate Me Home Al Jarreau
Kona Kai ‘Opua Moses Kahumoku
Let It Snow Boney James
Really Been Good This Year Sapphire: The Uppity Blues Women
Lo and Behold! Bob Dylan & The Band
Stay a Little Longer, Santa Shemekia Copeland
Norwegian Wood The Beatles
Oya Lizz Wright
Roll Um Easy Little Feat
Merry Christmas, Baby BB King

Christmas Fais Do Do Marcia Ball
Stranger Into Starman Aimee Mann
Till the Morning Comes Neil Young
Trouble Little Feat
Have You Heard the News? Koko Taylor
The Wind Cat Stevens
Written In Reverse Spoon

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Eddie Vedder

A Well-Seasoned Harvest {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This November we witnessed a true “once in a Blue Moon” which by official definition is the third moon of a season that contains four full moons. And all of my life I thought a Blue Moon occurred when two moons went full during a single month. So don’t be surprised to see celebrations of the season and moons in today’s playlist.

As we put a wrap on November, I originally planned on sampling some more Native American music. Yesterday, Morningstar put together some music I would only pale at the attempt to imitate.  So instead, I’d like to urge you, my readers to visit her FaceBook page. Support our local Native Voices by “like”-ing it. While you’re at it, check out the older playlists at Whirled Peas Café on FaceBook, as well.

Today’s playlist also includes the final three songs of Fellowship, Lizz Wright‘s new release. All three of today’s selection are sultry and soulful in a hybridized gospel tradition. Since Neil Young was also prominent on my mind this Harvest season, I couldn’t help but include a live version of Lizz’s cover of his classic Old Man…from his album Harvest, of course.

Perhaps the best part of today’s show for me was my chance to share my visit with local wildlife photographer, Al Parr. The joy he gets from his regular walks on Campus Lake is evidenced in the stunning catalog of pictures that document those forays. Thank you, Al, for sharing your passion and expertise with us. And thanks to Dia for sharing Al with us. For more information about Al’s slide presentations and artwork, visit his website: http://www.dialparr.com. But for those of you who caught this morning’s show, you would understand that Al can be found at many of the local craft shows, the next one being at the SIUC Student Center Holiday Craft Show Dec 2nd-4th. As much as Al enjoys the solitude of his nature walks, I believe he enjoys communing with budding photographers and wildlife enthusiasts even more. Stop by this weekend and ask Al the questions you wish I had asked. I guarantee he will greet them with the same generosity and excitement he gave to our interview. I”m still working on developing my technical skills. I hope to attach an audio to this post later in the week. For now, enjoy this slide show of some of Al’s Campus Lake shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Four Seasons: Autumn (Vivaldi) Conductor, Lamberto Gardelli & Sand Artist Ferenc Cakó
Early Autumn
Raya Yarbrough
Feed the Light Lizz Wright
Harvest Neil Young
Old Man Lizz Wright

Harvest Moon Neil Young
Adiyo Kerida Zorzal
Be One Now Little Feat
Fire Is Low Freshlyground
Gypsy Moon Ranger And The Re-Arrangers
Hatching Day Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland, et al
I Remember, I Believe Lizz Wright
Imagine John Lennon
Pastures Of Plenty Alison Krauss & Union Station
Sweeping Through the City Lizz Wright

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 22, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my listeners and blog-followers! In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, the playlist is heavy on indigenous representation. Thank you to Morningstar of Native Voices for giving suggestions to some of this week’s selections. Former member of The Band, Robbie Robertson contributed to a few of this week’s songs. Robbie is a registered member of the Mohawk tribe, and his more recent work reflects that heritage.

This week we are continuing to sample Lizz Wright’s new album, Fellowship. The album reaches back to her Georgia gospel roots, but her song book is quite contemporary.

Lots to be thankful for…including my garden that keeps on giving, this mild weather for late November, the blue moon of harvest, and too much food this coming Thursday. Before you succumb to a turkey induced coma, tune in to CNN Heroes 2010 for a special celebration of humanity at its best (in many cases, responding to humanity at its worst). I’ve added a Special Bonus track below that is a reminder that no matter how small the contribution is, every drop matters.

Fire: His Holiness Heart Mantra Alysia Tromblay
Fire Spirit Big City Indians

Ain’t No More Cane Bob Dylan & The Band
Lullaby The Cat Empire
Longform The Dodos
Undercurrent John Trudell

Hannah Freelance Whales
Persian Odyssey Kiu Haghighi
Fellowship Lizz Wright
Wild World Joan Osborne
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination Lizz Wright
Somewhere Down The Crazy River Robbie Robertson

If I Had a Boat
Lyle Lovett
Like A Prayer Madonna
All The Seeds Lizz Wright
Let Them Talk Lizz Wright
Ulali Ghost Dance Robbie Robertson et al

Without Love Nick Lowe
Georgia On My Mind Ray Charles
Silence is a Weapon
Black Fire

Bonus Track:

From the movie, Dirt!

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 15th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Scott Rogers stopped by this morning. He has been a member of a Buddhist meditation group that sits weekly at Marion Prison. He and Randy Osborne had stopped by a month or so ago to share their experiences in Buddhist practice and working with the prisoners. This Saturday the prison is having a training and paperwork processing. A necessary step to sitting with the inmate population. Please contact Scott at <dharmavet@yahoo.com> for more information.

We continue to celebrate Native American Heritage Month. This week the spotlight is on the Navajo Nation or, as they refer to themselves, the Diné. Radmilla Cody has won the Miss Navajo title. If you’ve ever seen the Independent Lens special, you will know that she has some serious indigenous skills. It isn’t all cans of hairspray and Vaseline slathered teeth. Try sheering a sheep and other real life Rez skills!

Still have plenty of plum tracks to sample from Lizz Wright’s new album, Fellowship. If the Gospel Medley doesn’t make a believer out of you, listen up to her rendition of the Eric Clapton classic, Presence of the Lord. Gloria Griffin wrote God Specializes, but after you hear it I think you will agree with me that Lizz owns it!

Sound the Alarm Theivery Corporation
Nobody Knows Me At All The Weepies
Wing Patti Smith
I’d Like Freshlyground
Gospel Medley Lizz Wright
You Are My Sunshine Ray Charles
House of the Rising Sun Odetta

Presence of the Lord Lizz Wright
The Star Spangled Banner (Navajo) Radmilla Cody
Dreamin’ About the Day Joan Osborne
Stagefright Bob Dylan & The Band
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash
Hey Hey Hey Chris Smithers
Raging Fire Garrision Starr
Bushwick Blues Delta Spirit

Heart of Gold Neil Young
Soldier After All John Gorka
America, The Beautiful (Navajo) Navajo Ensemble
A Beautiful Dawn Radmilla Cody

The Horse Song Radmilla Cody
God Specializes Lizz Wright
Prayer of the Navajo Robin Dymond
Everybody Loves You Hazmat Modine
Lord Knows I Would Raya Yarbrough
Yashanti Yael Naim

Bonus Track:

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 8, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This week we celebrated Native American Heritage Month with a sampling of songs from Brulé & American Indian Rock Opera (aka AIRO). They mix native rhythms and themes with a modern rock vibe to render songs that are fresh yet rooted in the familiar. Yes, Native American culture is still alive and vibrant. Thankfully so!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I always become aware of all of the things that I am thankful for. Gratitude is a wonderful thing. November gives us an excuse to express those sentiments out loud. I shared some on the air this week which prompted me to start a list. I am hoping that it grows longer than I could possibly read on the air. The point is that the awareness of so much good in my life has such a magnificent impact on my day. If I can share that with you, the rest are just details.

Lizz Wright is out with a new album, Fellowship. I sampled three tracks off of it. The album reaches back to her roots, growing up as a preacher’s daughter in Georgia. It’s a heavy dose of the Spiritual and Gospel. But true to Lizz, her interpretation is what makes it holy. She has taken songwriters as diverse as Angelique Kidjo, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Me’Shell N’Degeocello and Gloria Griffin and taken their songs to church. A man of God once told me, “there is no such thing as spiritual life; there is just life. It’s either all sacred or none of it is.” Listening to this album makes me a believer in that.

Were Baba Wefe (Prayer for Travelers) JJ  Keki & Family
Oya Lizz Wright
In From The Storm Lizz Wright
Stomp Dance Brulé

Tom Traubert’s Blues Tom Waits
Shanti Laderoute
At This Point In My Life Tracy Chapman
Lonesome Whistle Little Feat
Tavake Taumafua Polynesian Cultural Center
Tears of Rage Bob Dylan & The Band
Walk Through the Bottomland Lyle Lovett & Emmylou Harris

Mon Dieu Edith Piaf
Nancy Whiskey Belfast Gin
Amazing Grace Lizz Wright
Buffalo Moon Brulé
Midnight Lullaby Tom Waits
When Doves Cry Patti Smith Flavio Y Sus Complices Tu Siempre Seras
Spirit Horses Brulé
Hello Bonjour Michael Franti & Spearhead

Mowbray Kaap Freshlyground
Nobody Knows Me Lyle Lovett

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 4th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Sorry this stayed in draft form on the blog way too long. This week I explored the new-to-me sounds of Belleruche.  As serendipity has a habit of doing, I started noticing a buzz in other locations including this article done by NPR: Belleruche: Electronica Gets the Blues.  The group consists of three band members: Ricky Fabulous | Kathrin DeBoer | DJ Modest. They are based in the UK and have a unique way of blending electronica with jazz and grounding it with blues. Joss Stone was new to at least one of my listeners, so I included one of her videos in the mix here. If the playlist looks a bit long, it is because I was still doing the extended version on the show due to James’ vacation and the vacuum left by “Dude, Where’s My Coffee?” got filled with some of my favorite female vocalists. I encourage you to check out Belleruche for yourself. I have yet to hit a bad track.

You Don’t Know Me/Ray Charles

Sweet Dreams/Patsy Cline

Stand By Me/ Prince Royce

Lilac Wine/Nina Simone

Someone to Watch Over Me/ BB King & Etta James
Anything You Want(Not That)/Belleruche

You’re Listening to the Worlds/ Belleruche

C’est Si Bon/Eartha Kitt

Late Train/ Belleruche

Que La Noches Sean Son/ El Combolinga

Chicken to Change/FreshlyGround

Big Man/FreshlyGround & Les Nubians

Scratch My Soul/ Belleruche

How Many Times/ Belleruche

La Jara/ El Combolinga

Julia/ Chocolate Genius

Fell in Love With a Boy/ Joss Stone

Fire Is Low/ FreshlyGround

Minor Swing/ Belleruche

I Second that Emotion/ Smokey Robinson

Some Kind of Wonderful/ Joss Stone

Tell Mamma/ Etta James

Buttercup/ FreshlyGround

Northern Girls/ Belleruche

Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly/ Lizz Wright

Share Your Love With Me/ Aretha Franklin

My Funny Valentine/ Whirimako Black

Alice/ Belleruche

Things Have Changed/ FreshlyGround

Caged Bird/ Alicia Keys

Put Your Hands On Me/ Joss Stone

The Itch/ Belleruche

Hit the Ground/ Lizz Wright

It’ll Come/ Belleruche