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If you are an avid listener to WDBX, then you’ve heard DaveX’s promo piece urging you to drop us a line at wdbxfeedback(at) WDBX management, board and volunteers are always looking to hear from the members. Don’t be shy. Take the time and drop us a line or give us a call…or even easier, post a comment on the blog. There is an oft-quoted old saw that states for every 1 responder there are 10…100…1000…who are thinking the same thoughts.

We can read tea leaves and consult cosmic star charts, but hearing directly from you is our preferred method of knowledge gathering. Absent the direct contact, we are not without our powers of divination. The stats page on WordPress let’s us know who is Top Author, which posts are most frequented, what outside links directed you to us, what search terms where used to find us, and what hyperlinks folks followed from our posts. It also let’s us know about pingbacks which are best illustrated: back in October I played Te Es Mon Secours by Aseline Volcy (Note: hyperlink) which at least one of my listeners hit causing a ping on their site so they gave a shout out on their page that “Whirled Pwa Kafe Radyowas playing their tunes. That would be me, Whirled Peas Café Radio {WPC Radio}.

It is terrific to hear from artists, especially when they post a comment or send us goodies to sample and play, but it is you that we spend the most time pondering. I might have a great song, but wonder if it will sound as great over your first cup of morning coffee as it would paired with your final glass of evening Cabernet. And why is it that some playlist posts are rarely referenced a week after there first posting and others are selected perennially? Snow Day is a mystery to me and to any one I’ve asked. Since that first snow day back in early December, listeners have viewed it consistently on a near daily basis. Why? I posted my thoughts this weekend in my Bottom’s Op blog. Please let me know if you have any insight on this. Success is something I like to replicate when I can.

Today’s playlist reflects your feedback. The songs, artists, and renditions were informed by feedback that I’ve gotten when you call on the studio line, chat me up on the street, or make a comment on the Whirled Peas Café FaceBook fan page. The original version of The First Cut Is the Deepest performed by a very young Cat Stevens is the winner of the September Polldaddy poll. Hope you keep on listening and clicking…for now, Peas Out! or as my friends at Camp Festus say, Peas & Bacon Grease!

Summitt Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green
Yesterday Morning Hazmat Modine
Different Goapele & Mos Def

S.O.S. Gin Wigmore
Fire Is Low Freshlyground
First Cut Is The Deepest Cat Stevens (pre-Yusuf Islam)
Postmodern World Karen Zoid

Frankly Ila Mawana
Pot Belly Freshlyground
Pastures of Plenty Medley Tennessee Ernie Ford & Odetta
Pastures of Plenty Alison Krauss & Union Station
Slumber My Darling Alison Krauss & Yo Yo Ma

Chinese Translation M. Ward
Peace Train Yusuf Islam (post-Cat Stevens)
In from the Storm Lizz Wright
The Little Song of Hope Mehran
Will the Circle Be Unbroken Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, Levon Helm & Too Many Others to List
Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues Francine Reed
You Are My Sunshine Ray Charles & The Raylettes

Stardust Melody Louis Armstrong
Northern Girls Belleruche


Jessica’s Jukebox – 12/21/10

This will be the last Jessica’s Jukebox for a while. Thank you all for tuning in to my show! I hope to return at some point – so stay tuned to WDBX!

Rock N Roll Music – Chuck Berry
Rose-Colored Times – Lisa Loeb
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles
Around the World – Daft Punk
I Love to Boogie – T. Rex
Hold Your Head Up – Argent
Destroyer – The Kinks
Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes
A Long December – Counting Crows
The Christians and the Pagans – Dar Williams
Jump – Kris Kross
Celebration – Kool & the Gang
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips
Merry Christmas… If That’s Ok – MST3K
A Patrick Swayze Christmas – MST3K
David Bowie/Bing Crosby Christmas Special:
Must Be Santa – Bob Dylan:
Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes:
Bowie – from “Flight of the Conchords”
Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner
Jenny – from “Flight of the Conchords”
Fidelity – Regina Spektor:
Don’t Treat Your Man Like A Dog – Saffire, The Uppity Blues Women
(Nothing But) Flowers – Talking Heads
Never Kissed a Girl – Woodbox Gang
Family Night – Woodbox Gang

Thanks, y’all! Peace, love, and happiness! 🙂

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: November 1, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Special guest, Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Herman stopped by the studio on the way to class this Monday morning. Betsy and I talked of our experiences in her bi-weekly writing group.  Betsy hosts us through her Vital Writer Services. We’ve been warming up for a couple of months now: practicing our free writing by suspending our inner critic’s voice and getting that pen to glide across the paper. We spend every other Sunday night, reading a short piece on writing, free writing for 10-15 minutes, sharing our writing, and giving feedback on each other’s work. We cap things off with a vegetarian potluck. Not too late to join in. By joining the Vital Writer Services Facebook page, we are notified of the next session.

What better way to kick off November, or NaNoWriMo? For the uninitiated (which included me last year), NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is the annual challenge to write an entire novel (sans editing) in merely 30 days. The important thing is to get pen to paper on a regular basis. To quote an artist on a recent Charlie Rose episode, “Inspiration is for amateurs.” This gets your butt in the chair. There is power in numbers. And there are plenty of resources and encouragement available on the NaNoWriMo website.  A handful of us from Betsy’s writers group have also pledged to take the challenge. A friend told me of a group that is meeting at Longbranch as well. It is everyone’s dream, so go ahead and make it your reality!

What I’ve been listening to this week:

This week’s playlist has me visiting an old friend, Patti Smith. I think I bought my first album of hers (yes, vinyl) back in the mid 70’s or so. She is paired with another strong poetic female voice, Gin Wigmore. Gin is a newcomer and a product from a vibrant and eclectic New Zealand music scene. Note: I played Dancing Barefoot from my own music library, not off of youtube for the broadcast show. The video below has a few FCC flagged words in it, but the performance of nonviolent communication skills makes this version my choice for the blog.

Hallelujah Gin Wigmore
These Roses Gin Wigmore
When I Write the Book Nick Lowe

Wrapped In the Arms of Another Susan Tedeschi
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Love Is a Rose Neil Young
Dancing Barefoot (Remastered) Patti Smith

Early Autumn Raya Yarbrough
True Believer Aimee Mann
Distant Fingers (Demo) Patti Smith
Trotto Liz Knowles
Wish I Could Be That Strong Coco Montoya
Goin’ to Acapulco Bob Dylan & The Band
Protons, Neutrons, Electrons The Cat Empire
Trip, Stumble & Fall Coco Montoya
Sweet Relief One Fell Swoop
Perfect Imperfection Little Feat
S.O.S. Gin Wigmore

Stoppin The Love KT Tunstall
You Don’t Know Me Ray Charles
Will the Circle Be Unbroken Mavis Staples
Angel from Montgomery Susan Tedeschi

Bonus Track:

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 25th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This weekend my FaceBook lit up with responses to posters visible throughout the campus of Southern Illinois University. More than one of my FaceBook friends had posted on the topic. One thread in particular had 38 responses at my last count this afternoon. Obviously this is speaking to the community zeitgeist. Speech Communications is hosting a performance this coming weekend at the Kleinau.  The work reflects original research done by PhD candidate Elena Esquibel that was in part inspired by the book Sundown Towns authored by Illinois native, James W. Loewen. Esquibel interviewed residents of Southern Illinois and used the oral histories as the basis for the work. Much of the thrust of the FaceBook and face-to-face discussions spawned by reaction to the posters dealt with how we deal with a past that we can neither change nor ignore, how that has lasting effects on those living in those communities today, and how we might move past the hurt to a safer space.  I look forward to seeing the show and participating in the after-presentation discussion. I hope to see you there.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Native Voices. Morningstar has a mix of music and talk. Her Sunday afternoon slot allows for a heavier emphasis on talk than my morning show. We indulged in an hour and a half of dialog and storytelling on the subject of how to have conversations about difficult and/or sensitive subjects like race, privilege, power and religion. You know, all of those topics we were told to avoid growing up. Thank you for the invitation and thank you to all of those calling in and coming by.

I also would like to thank my Special Guest this morning, DJ Melia of Mixed Plate, who also happens to be my daughter. It was a way for us to continue discussion on the topic with some personal perspective. We had just moved to Winona, MN about ten years ago when both of my daughters and I were selected and asked to participate in a special workshop/training at the high school. There had been some racial/class motivated violence in this relatively sleepy college town, and the episodes had shaken the community to take action at the urging of a local socialite and a bold group of professors. As a mediator trained and certified in Oregon where we had just moved from, I was asked to fill out the paid facilitators roster. Kiri and Melia, my then-high-school-aged daughters, had been separately selected for participation by another process entirely. It was quite an interesting introduction to our new community, to say the least. But it is also an experience that we still call on for inspiration in our current lives. Professors, current and retired, as well as community members had become trained in Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed as developed by Augusto Boal based on the philosophy and pedagogy developed by Paolo Freire. Through the tireless and amazing work of local sustainable farmer and community advocate, Doug Nopar, the three day seminar was not only a success, but it had a lasting transformation on all who participated on both an individual and institutional level. One of the direct effects of this event was the formation of a Youth Action Theatre (PTO) to enhance the work done at the high school. It also offered a direct means by which the community-based Action Theatre could mentor the high school aged actors. It forged a connection between community, college, and the high school that resulted in many of those participants going on to highly acclaimed college programs.  The former high schoolers that I am still in contact with have grown into adults who are consistently giving back to their own communities. Melia helped me pick out tunes today and stroll down memory lane, remembering different trainings and experiences over the ten years we’ve been utilizing the techniques learned through the trainings. One of the highlights of course is Doug’s coups in getting Augusto Boal to personally come to WSU for a seminar training.

If you would like to learn more or become involved in developing a PTO in Southern Illinois, please contact me or Melia through email at whirledpeascafe(at) We are currently seeking “players” of all ages and backgrounds to become involved through NonViolent Carbondale, a project of the Human Relations Commission.

A Night In Tunisia/ Dizzy Gillespie

My Heart Skips a Beat/ The Secret Sisters

Many Moons/ Janelle Monae

St Teresa/ Joan Osborne

Elysian Persuasion/ Ozomatli

Ain’t No  Reason/ Brett Dennen

Tolerance/ Michael Franti & Spearhead

Brown Eyed Girl/ Van Morrison

Proud Mary/ Ike & Tina Turner

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)

Tell Me What We Are Going To Do Now/ Joss Stone

Force of Nature/ Lenka

Anything You Want (Not That)/Belleruche

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 21st, 2010


Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice


Whirled Peas Café Radio Special Show.  An emergency on Tessy’s part created an opportunity for me. With little prep time for a show, I ran down to fill in….and justified an indulgence, by spotlighting The Blogapus for two full hours. I won’t repost the videos played as they are all pulled off of the blog posts already for your perusal. I will put a teaser at the end…something to look forward to on Monday morning’s show. As promised on air, I will reference other DJs who posted the videos first. Otherwise, I would be the presumed guilty party.

Anything You Want (Not That)/ Belleruche

Breakthru/ Queen (from Jessica’s JukeBox)

My Funny Valentine/ Whirimako Black

Grace Days/ I Am Robot & Proud (from DJ Mo’s Random Show)

C’est Si Bon/ Eartha Kitt

Put Your Hands On Me/ Joss Stone

Sobrevive/ Ivonne Dippmann & Santiago Latorre (from ITDE with DaveX)

Temptation/ Diana Krall

Go Spastic/ SquarePusher (from DJ Mo’s Random Show)

Bohemian Rhapsody/ Cast of Glee (Jessica’s JukeBox)

Bohemian Rhapsody/ Jake Shimabukuro

Church/ Lyle Lovett

White Winter Hymnal/ Fleet Foxes (Jessica’s JukeBox)

Call It Off/ Tegan & Sara (Jessica’s JukeBox)

What’s A Girl To Do?/ Bat For Lashes (DJ Melia on Whirled Peas)

Sophisticated Side Ponytail/ Brite Futures (DJ Mo on She Said/He Said)

No Corras Tanto/ El Combolinga

Rusty Cage/ Johnny Cash (Jessica’s JukeBox)

The First Cut Is The Deepest/ Cat Stevens (Vote in the Poll!)

Broke My Baby’s Heart/ Hazmat Modine

I’d Like/ FreshlyGround

Pot Belly/ FreshlyGround

What I’m listening to this week? As always, an eclectic mix of sounds from all parts. What they have in common is a grounding in local traditions with a fresh interpretation. I like the authenticity that artists have when they acknowledge their surroundings, reach for the stars, and make it all their own.


See you bright and early Monday morning.

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 4th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Sorry this stayed in draft form on the blog way too long. This week I explored the new-to-me sounds of Belleruche.  As serendipity has a habit of doing, I started noticing a buzz in other locations including this article done by NPR: Belleruche: Electronica Gets the Blues.  The group consists of three band members: Ricky Fabulous | Kathrin DeBoer | DJ Modest. They are based in the UK and have a unique way of blending electronica with jazz and grounding it with blues. Joss Stone was new to at least one of my listeners, so I included one of her videos in the mix here. If the playlist looks a bit long, it is because I was still doing the extended version on the show due to James’ vacation and the vacuum left by “Dude, Where’s My Coffee?” got filled with some of my favorite female vocalists. I encourage you to check out Belleruche for yourself. I have yet to hit a bad track.

You Don’t Know Me/Ray Charles

Sweet Dreams/Patsy Cline

Stand By Me/ Prince Royce

Lilac Wine/Nina Simone

Someone to Watch Over Me/ BB King & Etta James
Anything You Want(Not That)/Belleruche

You’re Listening to the Worlds/ Belleruche

C’est Si Bon/Eartha Kitt

Late Train/ Belleruche

Que La Noches Sean Son/ El Combolinga

Chicken to Change/FreshlyGround

Big Man/FreshlyGround & Les Nubians

Scratch My Soul/ Belleruche

How Many Times/ Belleruche

La Jara/ El Combolinga

Julia/ Chocolate Genius

Fell in Love With a Boy/ Joss Stone

Fire Is Low/ FreshlyGround

Minor Swing/ Belleruche

I Second that Emotion/ Smokey Robinson

Some Kind of Wonderful/ Joss Stone

Tell Mamma/ Etta James

Buttercup/ FreshlyGround

Northern Girls/ Belleruche

Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly/ Lizz Wright

Share Your Love With Me/ Aretha Franklin

My Funny Valentine/ Whirimako Black

Alice/ Belleruche

Things Have Changed/ FreshlyGround

Caged Bird/ Alicia Keys

Put Your Hands On Me/ Joss Stone

The Itch/ Belleruche

Hit the Ground/ Lizz Wright

It’ll Come/ Belleruche

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 18th, 2010


Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Thank you to Melia for filling in last week. It was good to be back behind the control panel. We should be resuming the special guest feature soon. If you have a passion for music (and since you are a listener, we know that you do), a passion for a cause or topic and a passion for the community, don’t be shy….come on down. We’d love to hear about the world as you see it and sample some of your favorite tunes.


Grand March from Aida/Verdi
Tarakihi/Kiri Te Kanawa
Bohemian Rhapsody/Jake Shimabukuro

Paradise/Marshall Kleinbard
Adje! Adje!/Elikeh
Tu Es Mon Secours/ Aseline Volcy
Nengone Nodega/Ok! Ryos
Drinkin’ TNT ‘n’ Smokin’ Dynamite/Buddy Guy & Carlo Santana
Midnight Train/ Jonny Lang, Buddy Guy, BB King
Crazy/ Diana Krall
So Wrong/ Patsy Cline
Temptation/ Diana Krall

The Thrill is Gone/ BB King & Tracy Chapman
Peanuts & Popcorn/ Happy Lucky Combo
Little Drop of Poison/ Tom Waits
Church/ Lyle Lovett

Here I Am/ Lyle Lovett
Lie to Me/ Jonny Lang & BB King
Honey Bee/ Muddy Waters
Got My Mojo Working/ Muddy Waters
Zapatos/ Walter Suhr & Mango Punch