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WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

As I mentioned in my post for last Monday’s show, I’m a genre-bender. I haven’t met a genre that I didn’t like. Admittedly, I tend toward jazz and blues with world {traditional, indigenous, international} flavors which is why I subtitle the show: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice. Today’s show was the third in a row that I played a hip-hop/rap selection. (See: video feature of Fresh Espresso below) This is not a predictable genre for a woman from Johnson County, IL fixin’ to celebrate her 50th birthday real soon. But then it isn’t too normal for a person with my demographic markers to have a French-transliterated Chinese middle name on her birth certificate either. I have a love and fascination for both my native neck-of-the-woods and the particular spots of others around the globe. I am amazed at both the diversity and the connections. I delight in the serendipitous synchronicities. I delight in the knowledge that Belleruche is able to put out such complex sounds and sophisticated lyrics with one guy on guitar, one on turntable and one female neo-jazz vocalist with a whole lot of blue notes.

This is also how I cook. Simple and straight-forward. Deceptively nutritious. Comforting. Comfortable. Unexpectedly delicious. Chai-scented pound cake. What could be more basic that an unadorned buttery pound cake? But add some good quality real vanilla and some freshly ground cardamom seeds directly from my mortar and pestle. Finish with a tablespoon or so of citrus zest (fresh or dried) and the barest hint of companion aromatics like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, and the simple becomes subtly complex but not brazenly so. It is the perfect end to a favorite meal of mine that consists of good bread, fresh salad, and soup. If I’m lucky I’ve got some nice wine and strong coffee as an accompaniment. Variations are endless. It tends to attract good company, so it never gets old.

Comfort food feeds the soul as it nourishes the body. It isn’t flashy, not because it is boring, but because it has substance. May you all be nourished and sustained throughout the week. We’ll see you next Monday if not before. Peas Out! ~Lori

Special Guest Appearance: I’ll be a guest on Faithfully Subversive this week. Check Marleen out on Thursday mornings from 9-10.

{WPC Radio Playlist: 2/21/11}

In Praise and Gratitude Do
Dos Eternidade Carmen Souza

Wayo Do’a
Petite Fleur Dick Buama
Gospel Medley Lizz Wright
Let Me In Your Life Bill Withers
Lean On Me Bill Withers
So It Goes Nick Lowe
Railroad Preacher Boy
Make Them Crazy John Gorka
You Can’t Resist It Lyle Lovett
Pearls Sade

Goose Blues Belleruche
Play That Fast Thing Nick Lowe
Right Here Fresh Espresso

Hello Bonjour Michael Franti
Can’t Make It Through The Night Deadstring Brothers
The Right Time Ray Charles & The Raylettes
Soldier of Love Sade
Roger Wilco Shaun Colvin
Rien De Rien Edith Piaf
I’d Like Freshlyground


Year’s End {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

As 2010 is quickly coming to a close, I will be celebrating 7 months of being on the air. My first official show as Whirled Peas Café Radio aired on June 1st as the world was in FIFA overdrive. That would be World’s Cup Soccer or football as the rest of the world knows it. The spotlight on Africa increased my exposure to some wonderfully eclectic and precisely executed sounds from that bountiful continent. Old trade routes and port towns held the most interesting fusion for my ear. The blends of tribal sounds with Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish & French languages and instruments, the influence of ancient trading cultures was exquisite but expected. The continued overlay of Indian ragas, Brazilian beats, and Peruvian pipes…add to that the salty simmering of sailors riffing through Oceania… less anticipated but completely understandable. Music is indeed a language unto itself and continues to connect us and inform us beyond mere intellect. That’s the level where disparate sounds come together to create a greater whole without losing the integrity of the individual. That is the place from which WPC Radio strives to broadcast…with a dose of humility and humor.

Aside from the seasons as witnessed by my beloved garden, WPC Radio has reawakened my sensitivity to the seasons of the human spirit. Through picking our music to fit the celebrations of the month, special days, and current events, I find myself more aware of the subtle rhythms that carry these times. November heralds the harvest of a fruitful summer of sweet labor. We understand the gratitude of what we have and what truly sustains us. For many it is a time for atonement to be followed by feasting with loved ones. December brings out the glitz and sparkle and gives us the signal to indulge as the light of the day fades and the temperatures drop. By week’s end, we will be ringing in the New Year, and whether that is to friends gathered around a crystal punchbowl and glittering with sequins or bundled next to a loved one as the fire gives way to smoldering embers… one thing ends to give rise to a new beginning. We have come full circle once again…and it bears repeating. See you all next week and next years! Happy 2011, to one and all!

Of Brief Musical Note

Wil Maring’s CD resurfaced and now is filed under “M” for Maring in the “Local Artists” section of the WDBX library. It seems to be an orphan. Perhaps Santa can place some other of Wil’s CDs next to it so it won’t be so lonely.

Holly Cole is a wonderful Canadian jazz singer who has decades of musical encounters with the likes of Tom Waits & Lyle Lovett. She is not the only artists sporting that name, however. Similar to the Pam & Pamela Parkers…maybe a show of doppelgängers is in the offing.

Datonerecords, the label for Sharon Jones, still presses vinyl!

Phoenix Of Love Do’a
Tu Siempre Seras Flavio Y Sus Complices
Que Sera Sera Holly Cole

Lord Knows I Would Raya Yarbrough
Beautiful The Parlotones

Buttercup Freshlyground
Aurora en Pekin Marc Ribot & los Cubanos Postizos
Come On Up To The House Tom Waits

All Gone Wil Maring
Big Yellow Taxi Counting Crows
Born In A Taxi Blk Sonshine
New Beginning Tracy Chapman
Sem Valor Carmen Souza
Nomvula (After The Rain) Freshlyground
Fellowship Lizz Wright
Touch In The Night Freshlyground
Desicon! Carmen Souza

One Small Year Shawn Colvin
Not Your Year The Weepies
I Learned the Hard Way Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
You Don’t Know Janis Joplin
Bye, Bye Baby Janis Joplin
Black Bird Bye Bye Josephine Baker

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: Sept 27th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Special Guests from the Prison Sangha Buddhist Group, an outreach of the Shawnee Dharma Group, Randy Osborn and Scott Rogers picked out the first nine songs on the list. I deem that comfort food for most of our listeners. We will have to have them back again for some more turns of the mixer. Most of the callers were interested in what they had to say. And they had plenty to tell us about their experiences in mediation and Buddhism and volunteer work at the prison. To become a volunteer and/or find out more about the program, contact Randy Osborn <randiwickoz(at)> or 925-3403 and Scott Rogers <dharmavet(at) or 534-3880 .

For myself, I think I could have done another whole show just questioning them on Lama Chuck’s Tibetan Buddhist course for prison inmates. Shawnee Dharma Group shares some real estate space as well as cyberspace with the SIU Student Fellowship and  Sunyata Center. The Sunyata Center has a line up of nation lecturers from a variety of Buddhist schools and traditions.

James is on hiatus. So I got in an extra half hour of music before the premiere of Big Muddy News Radio in their new time slot. James will return with Dude, Where’s My Coffee in a couple of weeks…and hopefully it won’t take that long for my voice to return. Thank you all for your listening patience on that score.

  1. Born at the Right Time/Paul Simon
  2. Candy Mountain/Harry McClintock
  3. Wild Bill Jones/Allision Krauss
  4. Just Like You/Keb’Mo’
  5. Get Up Stand Up/Bob Marley
  6. 20th Century Man/Kinks
  7. Bottomlands/Wil Maring
  8. Inner City Blues/Marvin Gaye
  9. Thrill is Gone/BB King
  10. No Corras Tanto/el Combolinga
  11. Que Las Noches Sean Son/el Combolinga
  12. el Viaje de Said/el Combolinga
  13. So Much Grace/Allison Sattinger
  14. Cripple Creek Ferry/Neil Young
  15. BlackBird/Sarah McLachlan
  16. Across the Universe/Rufus Wainwright
  17. Lisbon/Carmen Souza
  18. Colour Me Life/Katchafire
  19. Love Letter/Katchafire
  20. Get Away/Katchafire
  21. Broke My Baby’s Heart/Hazmat Modine
  22. Cay’s Crays/Fat Freddys Drop
  23. Roady/Fat Freddys Drop

Playlist: September 20th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

No guests again this week. Pledge drive is at the halfway mark. Become a member today!

Next week we will have three representatives from the Shawnee Dharma Group. They will be discussing the Lecture by ChangHwa, How to Love: A Chan Buddhist Perspective which will take place this Saturday, Sept. 25th at 1:30 pm in the Illinois Room of SIU Student Center, sponsored by Sunyata and the Buddhist SRO. More airtime will be given to their program to teach meditation techniques to inmates at our local Southern Illinois prisons. One of the things I like most about having guests on is getting a sampling of their taste in music. We will see what Monday has in store for us.

For today’s show, I leaned heavily on the standards as is customary during pledge time, but still managed to sprinkle in some new things. Due to the benefit concert at the Copper Dragon last night, “Dude, Where’s My Coffee?” was in search of both “Dude” & “Coffee” long enough for me to fill in with an extended playlist.

  1. Stormy Blues/Billie Holiday & BB King
  2. Love For Sale/Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Little Girl Blue/Janis Joplin
  4. Don’t Go to Strangers/Etta  James
  5. Feeling Good/Nina Simone
  6. Feel Good/Lira
  7. Song for Mia/Lizz Wright
  8. Cherish the Day/Sade
  9. Beautiful/India Arie
  10. Tonight/Tina Turner
  11. Speed of Light/Bowie
  12. I Don’t Want Anything to Change/ Raitt & Jones
  13. Mohammed’s Radio/Linda Ronstadt
  14. These Days/Zevon & Browne
  15. Love Is Here to Stay/Ella Fitzgerald
  16. Afri ka/Carmen Souza
  17. Hit the Ground/Lizz Wright
  18. Night and Day/Ella Fitzgerald
  19. Reaching for the Moon/Lizz Wright
  20. Nature Boy/Miles Davis
  21. Nature Boy/Lizz Wright
  22. Yesterday Morning/Hazmat Modine
  23. Sem Valor/Carmen Souza

Extended Program:

  1. Temptation/Diana Krall
  2. Old Man/Lizz Wright
  3. Buttercup/FreshlyGround
  4. Fire is Low/FreshlyGround
  5. PotBelly/FreshlyGround