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WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Spring has blown in with gale force this week. Quite a tumultuous week of wind and warmth after the frozen temps of last week. Jason has been making hay of the fortunate weather. Well, metaphoric hay, in any case. Jason’s day job is running a farm with his wife, Sarah of Jazz Buffet fame. Their farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture applying organic practices. This week has them scrambling to get a hoop house up and functional with a little help from their friends. My help this week was to do a last minute fill-in for his show, Full Circle. What are friends for? And what a pleasure! Filling in for Jason gives me a chance to do a more energy infused drive time. I’m normally waking folks up in the morning rather than sending them home from work.

I always have a playlist or two in progress. So even as our show started out with some technical difficulties. BRP was on hand. I helped him switch the transmitter heat out put in the attic; he helped trouble-shoot at computer glitch that was not allowing me to access the audio from the KEXP sessions. I had had more KEXP sections on tap, but things happen. This is why I always have a back-up or three.

KEXP is one of my secret weapons. A trick of my trade. If I”m trying to play fresh content on the fly, it is my favorite go-to source. The advantages it gives are multiple including: 1) The artists are varied in genre, but all sensational in craft and sensibility, 2) KEXP has equipment that we could dream about combined with an excellent production staff, 3) Quite often their live studio versions are better than the CD/MP3 “official” releases of material, and 4) I don’t have to worry about a non-FCC sanctioned “wardrobe malfunction,” because it is produced for on-air radio consumption. My personal iGoogle page sports an app that feeds three or so free download songs of the day. I friend them on FaceBook. And many of these playlists selections are from their live studio sessions. KEXP is but one of my valued sources, one that is a total joy to share with you all.

Peas Out! Tune in Monday from 7a-9a for the regularly scheduled Whirl of Peas!

Man Trouble Hazmat Modine
The Sky Is Crying Elmore James
Crazy Baby Joan Osborne
Cat In A Dog Suit Belleruche

Huepaje Bomba Estéreo
Black Balloons The Kills

Longform The Dodos
Written In Reverse Spoon
Feelin’ Bomba Estéreo

Elysian Persuasion Ozomatli
Love Is Growth Taiyo Na
Clockwatching Belleruche
All Alone In an Empty House Lost In the Trees
Toxic Yael Naïm
Advice of the Bartenders to the Urban Cowboy Blues Ginn Sisters
Walk With Me Moby et al

It Feels Like Rain Shaun Murphy
Nomvula (After the Rain) Freshlyground
I Shall Be Released Bob Dylan
In My Pocket The Cat Empire
Rocket In My Pocket Little Feat
I Can’t Stand the Rain Lowell George


Genre Bender {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

{WPC Radio Playlist: February 14th}

Whirled Peas Café Radio or {WPC Radio} whichever way you prefer. Either suits me just fine. I’m easy that way. Where I come into difficulty is when they ask, “Lori, what do you play?” My most honest reply would be “good music.” That, however, would read as more flippancy than sincerity. So I say, I’m “Whirled” as in the multi-faceted play on words. Whirled Peas is a homonym of Word Peace. Most of my music is rooted in social justice, spiritual awakening, and/or compassionate or loving relations. But there is often humor and an element of the unexpected in my choices or simply in my placements. My shows are crafted, in that I have a few “playlists-in-progress” folders that follow me to the station every week. There is always an excess of material. I add to it by browsing the library at WDBX as I set up my morning show. Then as I do my show I pull from my palettes, choosing and refining as I go. When I have guests, I pull from their palette and together we grow the show out of our tool kits and our conversation. Those shows tend to be my favorite. It is a conversation on many levels that is enriched by caller feedback. (If you doubt how much I love feedback, check out the earlier post Feedback.) To me, that is the essence of community radio. This is not a one-way road. This is a collaborative project. It is a dance among the elements, and you and I are but two of those dancers. But this explanation exceeds the character count for the WDBX schedule which states, Whirled Peas Café w/Lori: World, Roots & Rock.

I invite you to do your own count. How many genres do I play in a given show. Don’t rely on just this playlist alone. I am a sucker for the blues and jazz. Quite a few of the artists I play come from far off and away. Many more mix and match musical instruments and styles as freely as I do. Today’s show starts with a neo-jazz songstress, moves into a  duet between two classical luminaries one Western and one South Asian shortly followed by anther East/West classical pairing rendering a traditional children’s song, classic country, rock, blues, do-wap, spoken word, experimental, gospel, R&B, French cowboy, flamenco, and hip-hop. It isn’t a contest to pack as many genres into a single playlist. It just happens that way. Something reminds me of something else. I feel that the jazz needs a bit of soul or the instrumentals need some strong vocals. It’s a matter of composition and feel.

Many folks confess to me their distaste for one genre or another. And I confess to them that I haven’t met a genre that I didn’t like. I love good music. I’m not very fond of shallow music no matter the genre. I’m not saying everything has to be intellectually complex. Some of the simplest songs like really great vanilla reveal a subtlety of layering depth. Joe Cocker’s performance of You Are So Beautiful springs to mind. For those of you who don’t think you like hip-hop, I invite you to check out the Taiyo Na video link.

Dreamer’s Ball Raya Yarbrough
My Funny Valentine Chet Baker
Ragas in Minor Scale Ravi Shankar & Phillip Glass
Sher Adrianne Greenbaum

Hush Little Baby YoYo Ma & Bobby McFerrin

Happy Happy Birthday Baby Wanda Jackson
How Many More Years Magic Slim & The Teardrops
Happy Birthday Blues BB King
Heart & Bones The Fabulous Ginn Sisters
These Roses Gin Wigmore
You Bonnie Raitt
Missionary Man E. C. Scott
Hallelujah Gin Wigmore
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley
Democracy Leonard Cohen
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Kowboy Kompa Angus Martin
On Revival Day (A Rhymthic Spiritual) Bessie Smith
Do the Astral Plane Flying Lotus

You Make Me Smile Aloe Blacc
Love Is Growth Taiyo Na

Juanito Ricardo Marlow
A Toast to Your Birthday The Shells

Bonus Track:

You Are So Beautiful Joe Cocker

New Year = New Artist: Get to know your South Pacific Artists!

Talofa! (Hello in Samoan)

This is Melia from Mixed Plate the only program here in SO-IL that plays music from the South Pacific with a mix of world thrown in!

I walked my cold little butt to the station Tuesday morning and played some non-stop NESIAN MYSTIC. Totally awesome band that comes out of NZ (New Zealand). What’s super cool about this group is that they themselves are sort of a mixed plate.  Their members are from all over Pacifica. Naturally we all know, that the one from Samoa is the best (Just saying. Samoans are awesome. Never forget that! ) . Through the blends of their culture and their musical backgrounds they create Nesian Mystic.

Their song “Introduction”, (off of the album Polysaturated) makes me laugh every time I listen to it. It’s a humorist skit about how they were called together to lift up their people and to create a positive foundation for their nation. So buy the cd that way you can listen to it! It’s interesting how they flow together songs that are meant to make you wanna dance and the songs that make you want to make a change. Nesian Mystic’s style of music is a combination of R’n’B, Hip Hop, and Reggae. They currently have 4 Albums starting with Polysaturated, Freshman, Elevator Musiq, and finally their newest album 99ad. On Tuesday I mostly played from Polysturated, Elevator Musiq,  and Freshman. Check out their website for more info and also funny little mini interviews from each of the members. I love their accents!! ❤

Website: Nesian Mystik

Tuesday Morning Play List:

  • The Arrival
  • What’s Next?
  • Can’t Stop the Progress
  • Gone did it
  • People
  • Nesian 101
  • Just be Me
  • RSVP
  • Lost Visionz
  • For the People
  • 9.2.5
  • Brothaz
  • Home Coming
  • Mr. Mista
  • Yours Sincerely
  • Robbin Hood Heros
  • Sail Away
  • So good
  • Roots Discussion
  • Sacrifice

Until next time people! Don’t forget to listen until next week Tuesdays from 7am- 9am.

❤ Melia

Year’s End {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

As 2010 is quickly coming to a close, I will be celebrating 7 months of being on the air. My first official show as Whirled Peas Café Radio aired on June 1st as the world was in FIFA overdrive. That would be World’s Cup Soccer or football as the rest of the world knows it. The spotlight on Africa increased my exposure to some wonderfully eclectic and precisely executed sounds from that bountiful continent. Old trade routes and port towns held the most interesting fusion for my ear. The blends of tribal sounds with Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish & French languages and instruments, the influence of ancient trading cultures was exquisite but expected. The continued overlay of Indian ragas, Brazilian beats, and Peruvian pipes…add to that the salty simmering of sailors riffing through Oceania… less anticipated but completely understandable. Music is indeed a language unto itself and continues to connect us and inform us beyond mere intellect. That’s the level where disparate sounds come together to create a greater whole without losing the integrity of the individual. That is the place from which WPC Radio strives to broadcast…with a dose of humility and humor.

Aside from the seasons as witnessed by my beloved garden, WPC Radio has reawakened my sensitivity to the seasons of the human spirit. Through picking our music to fit the celebrations of the month, special days, and current events, I find myself more aware of the subtle rhythms that carry these times. November heralds the harvest of a fruitful summer of sweet labor. We understand the gratitude of what we have and what truly sustains us. For many it is a time for atonement to be followed by feasting with loved ones. December brings out the glitz and sparkle and gives us the signal to indulge as the light of the day fades and the temperatures drop. By week’s end, we will be ringing in the New Year, and whether that is to friends gathered around a crystal punchbowl and glittering with sequins or bundled next to a loved one as the fire gives way to smoldering embers… one thing ends to give rise to a new beginning. We have come full circle once again…and it bears repeating. See you all next week and next years! Happy 2011, to one and all!

Of Brief Musical Note

Wil Maring’s CD resurfaced and now is filed under “M” for Maring in the “Local Artists” section of the WDBX library. It seems to be an orphan. Perhaps Santa can place some other of Wil’s CDs next to it so it won’t be so lonely.

Holly Cole is a wonderful Canadian jazz singer who has decades of musical encounters with the likes of Tom Waits & Lyle Lovett. She is not the only artists sporting that name, however. Similar to the Pam & Pamela Parkers…maybe a show of doppelgängers is in the offing.

Datonerecords, the label for Sharon Jones, still presses vinyl!

Phoenix Of Love Do’a
Tu Siempre Seras Flavio Y Sus Complices
Que Sera Sera Holly Cole

Lord Knows I Would Raya Yarbrough
Beautiful The Parlotones

Buttercup Freshlyground
Aurora en Pekin Marc Ribot & los Cubanos Postizos
Come On Up To The House Tom Waits

All Gone Wil Maring
Big Yellow Taxi Counting Crows
Born In A Taxi Blk Sonshine
New Beginning Tracy Chapman
Sem Valor Carmen Souza
Nomvula (After The Rain) Freshlyground
Fellowship Lizz Wright
Touch In The Night Freshlyground
Desicon! Carmen Souza

One Small Year Shawn Colvin
Not Your Year The Weepies
I Learned the Hard Way Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
You Don’t Know Janis Joplin
Bye, Bye Baby Janis Joplin
Black Bird Bye Bye Josephine Baker

Moved By The Movies

Introducing DJ Daniel Damian filling in for Dawn Morningstar’s Native Voices this Boxing Day. Damian tells us that his musical influences have been informed by movie soundtracks, most notably Amélie. Damian, a budding Francophile, is a sophmore at Carbondale Community High School. His interest in instrumental arrangements is informed by his own studies that include piano and guitar…and from what I was witnessing from my perch in the studio, a fair amount of air drums. His enthusiasm is, indeed, infectious. I hope to see more of him behind the control boards. ~LTS {WPC Radio}
  1. Le Banquet The Soundtrack from Amélie
  2. Les Jours Tristes The Soundtrack from Amélie
  3. La Valse D’Amélie The Soundtrack from Amélie
  4. La Noyee The Soundtrack from Amélie
  5. The Kid Marc Ribot
  6. Radio Marc Ribot
  7. L’Autre Valse D’Amélie The Soundtrack from Amélie
  8. J’y Suis Jamais Alle The Soundtrack from Amélie
  9. Comtine D’un Autre Ete: L’apres Midi The Soundtrack from Amélie
  10. Le Moulin The Soundtrack from Amélie
  11. Fat Man Blues Marc Ribot
  12. Guilty The Soundtrack from Amélie
  13. Si Tu N’etais Pas La The Soundtrack from Amélie
  14. La Valse Des Vieux Os The Soundtrack from Amélie
  15. Fire in the Twilight Wang Chung/ The Soundtrack from The Breakfast Club
  16. Get To Know Ya Jesse Jackson/ The Soundtrack from Pretty in Pink
  17. La Valse D’Amélie (Orchestral Version) The Soundtrack from Amélie
  18. La Dispute The Soundtrack from Amélie
  19. Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears for Fears
  20. One Silver Dollar The Film Studio Orchestra/ Inglourious Basterds
  21. Sur Le Fil The Soundtrack from Amélie
  22. Catch Yer Own Train The Silver Seas/ Breaking Bad

Special Bonus Track:

Holiday Mixer {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

The holiday season is well underway. The telltale signs abound. Final exams. Weather closures. Office and Club potluck parties. The mad dash of cars loaded with colorfully wrapped loot. So many delicacies to taste and so few pants that will zip close. So I’ve indulged one more week, in preparation for the reality checks that are to come.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the Monday morning off than with a classic Jingle Bells Medley performed by that master of bluegrass, Béla Fleck. I adore Fleck’s accomplished virtuosity as well as his grounding in musical roots and traditions. Fleck has endeared himself to my musical sensibilities as only a handful of musicians have because he maintains a firm grasp on quality while he whimsically combines rhythms and textures in unique juxtapositions. His collaboration with the Alash Ensemble, a group of Tuvan throat musicians from the region sandwiched between Siberia and Mongolia, is just such an unexpected pairing of traditions and instruments. It’s not something that makes it way onto the department stores muzak loop. But could it be more perfect? I’ve included the video below, because if you are like me…once is just not enough.

There are plenty of other gems in the playlist. Click on the links for more information. Of note: I play both Pam Parker and Pamela Parker. As far as I can tell, they are not the same person. Pam has some wonderful jazz stylings that we sampled today. Coming soon will be some tunes from Pamela that are more blues and roots infused. Eartha Kitt tells us how good she has been with Santa Baby, and how bad she wants to be with I Want To Be Evil. Naughty or nice, ’tis the season to listen to some Eartha.

As promised, we heard from Wil Maring with two seasonal songs from her An Ocean From Home album. On January 15th, Wil & Robert Bowlin will be holding workshops for aspiring singer/songwriters at the Old Feed Store in Cobden, IL. It’s an all day affair, starting at 10am and finishing up at the Yellow Moon Café with a concert at 7:30p. Folks of all levels of abilities are encouraged to attend. For more information, you can contact Wil at or giving her a call (618)319-0656. Space is limited. Fun will surely be had by all!

I’ll be busy helping with some holiday fill-ins the rest of the week. Stay tuned for more information on the substitute DJs who are going to help me fill some big shoes/shows. I’ll have those promos posted within the next day or two. Thanks as always for helping me start the week out right. This is YOUR community radio station, so don’t be shy. Let me know if you’re wanting to share your passions with the community at-large…and play a few tunes.

Jingle Bells Medley Béla Fleck & The Flecktones featuring Alash Ensemble

In the Bleak Mid-Winter Kiri Te Kanawa
At The Christmas Ball Erin McKeown
Mood Indigo Raya Yarbrough
Santa Baby Eartha Kitt
I Want to Be Evil Eartha Kitt

A Bluesman’s Christmas Coco Montoya
Dimming of the Day Bonnie Raitt
Christmas In My Hometown Wil Maring
Six Feet Of Snow Little Feat
Christmas Train Carey Bell
Cold, Cold, Cold Little Feat
Soulful Christmas James Brown

The Grand Reopening Theatre Of Life
Let’s Stay In and Make Love Nick Lowe
Bucky’s Present Wil Maring
Slack Key Guitar “Silent Night & Silver Bells”  Dayton Clint
Hawaiian-style “Away in the Manger & Silent Night” Jesse Tinsley
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Bob Rafkin
You Are Mine Pam Parker
At Last Etta James
What You Gonna Do Joan Osborne
Sleigh Ride Mambo Zombies
A Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Chanukah/Ramadan/Boxing Day Song Christine & The Mistletones
Snow! Medley Christine & The Mistletones
Ave Maria Kiri Te Kanawa

Bonus Track:

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! Because most of my Christmases were spent in Hawaii…where in the old days the local guys used to sit on the porch of ohana-style houses and jam on ukuleles & guitars while drinking Primo beer…and I’d walk slowly down the street to hear sample their private concerts…warm salty breeze heavy with plumeria,  ginger and night-blooming cereus.