Join us August 4th at Turley Park!

WDBX DJs Bongo Ali, Countryman, and Ras Matty will be spinning reggae and dancehall tunes at Turley Park this Thursday, August 4th from 7-9pm. Come check out the music, the positive vibe, and meet some of your favorite DJs. Bring along a lawnchair, but remember to leave your alcohol at home. This is an all ages event, and completely free.


The Laura Ingraham Show– start a healthy radio addiction this Saturday!

That’s right, Southern Illinois… Kicking off this Saturday you can start a healthy radio addiction with me, Laura Ingraham, right here on WDBX-FM!

I’m coming out of the gate swinging, right after I dunk the mic in Purell. This place is simply crawling with crusty hippies!

We’ll sound off on the pornification of Southern Illinois at the hands of the so-called “Vinyl Vixen,” put a torch to the treasonous filth of “Rasta Revolution,” and expose the seedy socialist agenda lurking behind “Light On The Law.” We might even ask DaveX the one question he’s been trying to avoid– where’s this guy’s birth certificate, anyway?

It’ll be just like my AM broadcasts, but without the incessant pitches for Goldline. Thanks, WDBX-FM!

Here I am at the first WDBX DJ Spin Party!

ToastMasters {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This Monday morning I was joined by three of our local Toastmasters. A very special thank you to Brad Klein of White & Borgognoni, Jenn Rose of John A. Logan, and Jim Wysong, a local author and entrepeneur for sharing that first cup of coffee with us at the Café.  We discussed all things Toastmaster including the benefits of being involved with an international organization here in Southernmost Illinois. Even though the organization has a formal structure, our local chapter is nothing if it isn’t welcoming. Our members come from a broad swath of our population which draws strength from the diversity of folks that make their home south of I-64. Our club includes folks in radio and television as well as international students and scholars, stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, public servants, and the list continuously grows.  The open house this Thursday is a perfect time to come check us out, although, truth be told, there rarely is a bad time.

Funny thing is that the only complete press release I found when Googling was in a paper from West Virginia. At least the good folks in Keyser know where to go for a good speech if they find themselves driving through Southernmost Illinois:

The Spring Open House, at John A. Logan College, Room C138, 700 Logan College Road, Carterville, IL 62918 begins at 6:00 p.m. and continues until 9:00 p.m. This special event is an opportunity for guests to experience a complete Toastmasters club event including speeches and other activities prepared by some of our members!

Whether you come to participate or to watch, learn, and enjoy refreshments, you’ll get an insider’s view of how Toastmasters can help you reach your full potential as an effective communicator and develop leadership qualities to benefit your career, your organization and your community.

For more information about the Southern Illinois Toastmasters Club Spring Open House and Speech Contest, or the Southern Illinois Toastmasters Club in general, contact President: Ms. Peggy Willoughby at 618.993.2171 or email at:

This is a different location from their normal weekly meetings. They will not meet during JALs Spring Break. Their next meeting will be March 24th at 6:30 in Room E218, which reflects the normal time/place.

UPDATE: Charlie Howe & Cynthia Mill go on to District in their respective categories. Brad Klein will serve as alternate to them both. Congratulations!

{WPC Radio} Playlist: 3/7/11

Gospel Medley Lizz Wright
Pancho and Lefty Townes Van Zandt (Happy Birthday!)

Pancho and Lefty Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard
Seven Spanish Angels Willie Nelson & Ray Charles
Trotto Liz Knowles
Two of Us Aimee Mann
Cigarette State Robbie Fulks
Here I Am Lyle Lovett

Born This Way Lady Gaga
Clockwatching Belleruche
El Azteca Man Man
I and Love and You Avett Brothers
Feelin’ Bomba Estereo
Lovesick Blues Hank Williams

Walk the Way the Wind Blows Kathy Mattea

For Kids’ Sake {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Thank you to Cynthia Mill for making Monday’s show so very special! Cynthia is a long-time child advocate and Big Sister in Jackson County. She shared some music, some stories, and some information. Thank you for all of the callers. Cynthia has met her own personal pledge goals. You can check out her site: Bowling For Kids Sake Team Page. The internet certainly has transformed the way we connect and support each other and the causes we believe in. If you would like to set up your own team, contact Mona for more information email or call:  618-457-6703, ext 216. If you want to come down and cheer on the teams, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jackson and Perry Counties will be holding two separate bowling dates:

Saturday, February 19th: SI Bowl in Carterville
Noon-2p, 2p-4p, & 4p-6p

Saturday, March 12th: Ten Pin Alley in DuQuoin
Noon-2p & 2p-4p

It takes 4-5 persons to make a team. We are still working on the possibilities of having a WDBX team representing. I can think of a few DJs that would like to express their inner “Dude.” What better cause than to support mentoring opportunities.  It takes a community to raise a radio station. A stronger community is in our mutual best interest.

UPDATE: WDBX Dudes now have an official page which is a work in progress. For every $50 donation, another DJ will bowl one for the Gipper. Pictures to follow.

Ma’Cheri Freshlyground

Coffee Shop Brian Granse

I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves

Stranger Into Starman Aimee Mann

Save the Children Marvin Gaye

God Is Love Marvin Gaye

Mercy Mercy Me Marvin Gaye

You’ve Got a Friend Randy Newman

Crazy As Me Alison Krauss

Borderline Alison Krauss

Trampled Rose Alison Krauss & Robert Plant

When Your Mind’s Made Up The Swell Season: Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

Tupelo Honey Wayne Toups & Zydecajun

Someone to Watch Over Me Nancy Wilson

Special Bonus Track:

Pot Belly Freshlyground

Whirled Peas Café Radio Playlist: October 25th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

This weekend my FaceBook lit up with responses to posters visible throughout the campus of Southern Illinois University. More than one of my FaceBook friends had posted on the topic. One thread in particular had 38 responses at my last count this afternoon. Obviously this is speaking to the community zeitgeist. Speech Communications is hosting a performance this coming weekend at the Kleinau.  The work reflects original research done by PhD candidate Elena Esquibel that was in part inspired by the book Sundown Towns authored by Illinois native, James W. Loewen. Esquibel interviewed residents of Southern Illinois and used the oral histories as the basis for the work. Much of the thrust of the FaceBook and face-to-face discussions spawned by reaction to the posters dealt with how we deal with a past that we can neither change nor ignore, how that has lasting effects on those living in those communities today, and how we might move past the hurt to a safer space.  I look forward to seeing the show and participating in the after-presentation discussion. I hope to see you there.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Native Voices. Morningstar has a mix of music and talk. Her Sunday afternoon slot allows for a heavier emphasis on talk than my morning show. We indulged in an hour and a half of dialog and storytelling on the subject of how to have conversations about difficult and/or sensitive subjects like race, privilege, power and religion. You know, all of those topics we were told to avoid growing up. Thank you for the invitation and thank you to all of those calling in and coming by.

I also would like to thank my Special Guest this morning, DJ Melia of Mixed Plate, who also happens to be my daughter. It was a way for us to continue discussion on the topic with some personal perspective. We had just moved to Winona, MN about ten years ago when both of my daughters and I were selected and asked to participate in a special workshop/training at the high school. There had been some racial/class motivated violence in this relatively sleepy college town, and the episodes had shaken the community to take action at the urging of a local socialite and a bold group of professors. As a mediator trained and certified in Oregon where we had just moved from, I was asked to fill out the paid facilitators roster. Kiri and Melia, my then-high-school-aged daughters, had been separately selected for participation by another process entirely. It was quite an interesting introduction to our new community, to say the least. But it is also an experience that we still call on for inspiration in our current lives. Professors, current and retired, as well as community members had become trained in Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed as developed by Augusto Boal based on the philosophy and pedagogy developed by Paolo Freire. Through the tireless and amazing work of local sustainable farmer and community advocate, Doug Nopar, the three day seminar was not only a success, but it had a lasting transformation on all who participated on both an individual and institutional level. One of the direct effects of this event was the formation of a Youth Action Theatre (PTO) to enhance the work done at the high school. It also offered a direct means by which the community-based Action Theatre could mentor the high school aged actors. It forged a connection between community, college, and the high school that resulted in many of those participants going on to highly acclaimed college programs.  The former high schoolers that I am still in contact with have grown into adults who are consistently giving back to their own communities. Melia helped me pick out tunes today and stroll down memory lane, remembering different trainings and experiences over the ten years we’ve been utilizing the techniques learned through the trainings. One of the highlights of course is Doug’s coups in getting Augusto Boal to personally come to WSU for a seminar training.

If you would like to learn more or become involved in developing a PTO in Southern Illinois, please contact me or Melia through email at whirledpeascafe(at) We are currently seeking “players” of all ages and backgrounds to become involved through NonViolent Carbondale, a project of the Human Relations Commission.

A Night In Tunisia/ Dizzy Gillespie

My Heart Skips a Beat/ The Secret Sisters

Many Moons/ Janelle Monae

St Teresa/ Joan Osborne

Elysian Persuasion/ Ozomatli

Ain’t No  Reason/ Brett Dennen

Tolerance/ Michael Franti & Spearhead

Brown Eyed Girl/ Van Morrison

Proud Mary/ Ike & Tina Turner

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)

Tell Me What We Are Going To Do Now/ Joss Stone

Force of Nature/ Lenka

Anything You Want (Not That)/Belleruche

Playlist: September 20th, 2010

Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

No guests again this week. Pledge drive is at the halfway mark. Become a member today!

Next week we will have three representatives from the Shawnee Dharma Group. They will be discussing the Lecture by ChangHwa, How to Love: A Chan Buddhist Perspective which will take place this Saturday, Sept. 25th at 1:30 pm in the Illinois Room of SIU Student Center, sponsored by Sunyata and the Buddhist SRO. More airtime will be given to their program to teach meditation techniques to inmates at our local Southern Illinois prisons. One of the things I like most about having guests on is getting a sampling of their taste in music. We will see what Monday has in store for us.

For today’s show, I leaned heavily on the standards as is customary during pledge time, but still managed to sprinkle in some new things. Due to the benefit concert at the Copper Dragon last night, “Dude, Where’s My Coffee?” was in search of both “Dude” & “Coffee” long enough for me to fill in with an extended playlist.

  1. Stormy Blues/Billie Holiday & BB King
  2. Love For Sale/Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Little Girl Blue/Janis Joplin
  4. Don’t Go to Strangers/Etta  James
  5. Feeling Good/Nina Simone
  6. Feel Good/Lira
  7. Song for Mia/Lizz Wright
  8. Cherish the Day/Sade
  9. Beautiful/India Arie
  10. Tonight/Tina Turner
  11. Speed of Light/Bowie
  12. I Don’t Want Anything to Change/ Raitt & Jones
  13. Mohammed’s Radio/Linda Ronstadt
  14. These Days/Zevon & Browne
  15. Love Is Here to Stay/Ella Fitzgerald
  16. Afri ka/Carmen Souza
  17. Hit the Ground/Lizz Wright
  18. Night and Day/Ella Fitzgerald
  19. Reaching for the Moon/Lizz Wright
  20. Nature Boy/Miles Davis
  21. Nature Boy/Lizz Wright
  22. Yesterday Morning/Hazmat Modine
  23. Sem Valor/Carmen Souza

Extended Program:

  1. Temptation/Diana Krall
  2. Old Man/Lizz Wright
  3. Buttercup/FreshlyGround
  4. Fire is Low/FreshlyGround
  5. PotBelly/FreshlyGround