Style City (with Guest SUMMER HUTTO!!!!)

Today at WDBX I am at the station with my bestie Summer Hutto!!!!! Tune in!!!!! And of course call in!!!! ūüôā



sTyLe CiTy NoV 20tH 2011

Morpion – Incidents
Morpion – Small Wifely Discord
Morpion – The Alchemist’s Dream
Morpion – Night of The Wolf Fish
Tuneboxii – Many a Melodic
Tuneboxii – Melancholy Static
Tuneboxii – Momentum
Tuneboxii – Switch Glitch
Tuneboxii – Twoside
Silent Strangers – Staybill Choke
Silent Strangers – Pulsrec
Silent Strangers – Left Cold
Mystified – Klongk
Witah – Dingden
Witah – Zelda Fairy Fountain
Shitbird – Bruised Bit
Shitbird –¬† Carpetleech
Shitbird – Crepuscular
Animal Style – Primaeval Boltz
Animal Style – Prehistory

Euro Style “Style City”

Awesome rainbow yarnbombing outside WDBX!

La Roux – Quicksand
La Roux – Bulletproof
La Roux – In For The Kill
Yazoo – Happy People
Aha – Take On Me
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Radiohead – Morning Bell
Radiohead – Motion Picture Soundtrack
Bat For Lashes – Daniel
Bat For Lashes –¬† What’s a Girl to Do?
Lily Allen – Naive
Lily Allen – He Wasn’t There
Lily Allen – Cheryl Tweedy
Lily Allen – Friday Night
ABBA – Take A Chance On Me
ABBA – Voulez Vous
ABBA – Money Money Money
ABBA – Super Trooper
Muse – Resistance
Muse – Super Massive Black Hole
David Bowie – Fashion

Style City 8/28/11

Divag – Burino
Divag – Discopop Robots
Divag – Fantasy Dream
Divag – Gangstaz
Divag – Vladino
Divag – Train Travel
Eustachian – Beat Farmer
Eustachian – Bella N Money
Skrillex – Equinox
Eustachian – Skyline
Eustachian – Talking Orange
Kido – Washedout
Kido – Midnightman
Kido – ……
Otto Von Schirach – End Of The World
Yore – Intro
Yore – Insecticide
The Normal – Warm Leatherette
Yore – Drum Machine
Grace Jones – Cooperate Cannibal

Style City 8/121/11

Buskerdroid – God Bless His Mess
Buskerdroid – I Want You
Cheapshot – Chigu
Cheapshot – Ieyasu
Cheapshot – Roopy
Cheapshot – Shudder
Cheapshot – Skeptic
Sycamore Drive – Chills
Sycamore Drive – Mortimer’s Melody
Anamanaguchi – Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues
Buskerdroid – 3D
Buskerdroid – Blast
Buskerdroid – Gameboy Love
La Roux – Tigerlily
Roman Slavka – Null
Roman Slavka – Complete Absorption
Roman Slavka – Memory Plane
Roman Slavka – Effusively
Roman Slavka – Some Talk About Seventy Four

Style City 7/7/11

Rolemusic – Spell
Rolemusic – Leafless Quince Tree
Rolemusic – Straw Fields
Rolemusic – Yellow Dust
Chinese Goblin Factory – Reality Dysfunction
Isum – Acomodcta
Venetian Snares – Aaron
Venetian Snares – Cadmium Lung Jacket
Venetian Snares – Vida
Venetian Snares – Coke Ajax
Venetian Snares – Li2Co3
Venetian Snares – Nineteen 1319
Venetian Snares – Destroy Glass Castles
Yibbon – Assdeath
Yibbon – Decadent Dollarstore Dance

It’s Too Damn Style! 7/31/11

Morpion – Incidents (from “Headcleaner,” on IDMf)
Morpion – Small Wifely Discord

Muslimgauze – Refugee (from “No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel,” on Staalplat)
Aetheros – Awake But Still Dreaming (from “Beyond The Listening Booth vol.1, on IDMf)
Muslimgauze – Teargas
Essenthy & Automaggedon – Compromise¬†(this, and next track, from “Beyond The Listening Booth¬†vol.1, on IDMf)
Chinese Goblin Factory – Reality Dysfunction
Zavolonka – Gora (from “Plavyna,” on Nexsound)
Zavolonka – Lyshtva
Atra Aeterna — The End of Alchemy (this, and next track,¬†from “Beyond The Listening Booth¬†vol.1, on IDMf)
Dr. Device — Breaking News

DACM — Angel (from “Stereotypie,” on Asphodel)
David Tudor — Rain Forest Version I (from “Rain Forest,” on Mode)
Cat Astro Phi — Kitty Cat and Spacey Man (from “Disasterpeace“)

Cat Astro Phi —¬†Looking After Ripley’s Cat
Cat Astro Phi —¬†This Ain’t Asteroids!
Cat Astro Phi —¬†Jonesy! I’ll Save You
Cat Astro Phi —¬†¬†Mystery Moon Intruder
Anamanaguchi — Helix Nebula (from “Power Supply,” on 8Bit Peoples)
Anamanaguchi¬†— Don Metropolis
Anamanaguchi¬†— Flora