Ms. Bags ends WDBX Membership Drive w/ massive pledge to “Style City”

Thanks to the incredible generosity of a long-time WDBX listener, this year’s Spring Membership Drive ended early, with a massive pledge allowing the station to meet its $13,000 goal! Ms. Bags, the pseudonym of an anonymous donor and fan of many shows at WDBX, made her pledge to “Style City” in support of the Friendly Badger Committee. For those not aware of the Friendly Badger Committee, it is a cross-species effort made by Badger University at Style City to promote understanding between badgers and humans, with adopt-a-badger programs and reduced-price meals for senior badgers.



“It’s Too Damn Early” moving times!

Starting Sunday, April 15th, you can hear experimental music, avant-garde works, and sound art from 5-6 p.m. at the new “It’s Too Damn Early” showtime. Since it’s no longer “too damn early,” we’ll have a new name to go along with the time switch– be sure to listen Sunday, when I reveal the new name!

For everyone with a sentimental side, join me one last time on April 21st, from 4-6:30 a.m., for the “farewell” broadcast of my overnight hijinks. I’ll play the music, and you can dance while the ship goes down.

“It’s Too Damn Early” 12/17/11

I had a party. There were warm cookies, and a lot of noise. It was fun, but it would have been way more awesome if you’d been listening in. Actually, I didn’t have a party at all. I lied about that, because I know how much you like warm cookies. It was pretty noisy, though.

RP Collier — All Christmas Songs At Once (otherwise unreleased) (and check out some of Collier’s amazing handmade instruments!)
Dohi Moon — Perhaps, reminisce (this, and next, from “XXXII Concorso Internazionale Di Musica Elettroacustica E Rumore 2010,” on Monochrome Vision)
Damien Depannemaeck — Stadt Test
Grey Park — Report One (otherwise unreleased)
Screwtape — Please God, Wash All the Filth Away (Screwtape’s Bandcamp)
Stanislav Kreitchi — Birth of Vertical (from “Ansiana,” on Electroshock) (some interesting background here)
Stanislav Kreitchi — Ocean: Waves, Winds & Birds
Stanislav Kreitchi — Ocean: Tam-Tams of the Green Islands
Stanislav Kreitchi — Ocean: Dolphins’ Play
Stanislav Kreitchi — Ellipsiada 1 & 2
Stanislav Kreitchi — Six Days of Creation
Dear Beloved Henry — Untitled, Side A (from “Dear Beloved Henry/Albert Materia” split cassette on Hyster Tapes)
Albert Materia — Untitled, Side B
DACM — Party (from “Stéréotypie,” on Asphodel)
DACM — Vidya
DACM — Angel
DACM — Marie

“It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/26/11

Had to ask Bob D. to sit this one out– sorry man, the public demands more Arctic Circle improv!

Jennifer Walshe — Nature Data (from “Nature Data,” on Interval Recordings)
Myriam Lavoie — Chercher (this, and next two, from “Cache 2007” compilation)
Theo Mathien — Eolian Erosion
Elliot Vaughn — Icely Unsect
Ministry of Rites — Nightlight (from “Grid,” on Edgetone)
Octopus Inc — Goldbug (this, and next 7, from “Penguin Mechanics III” compilation from KracFive)
Bauri — Computercuddle
Pthalocyanine — Metalo-meld-mechano
Lackluster — Third Pie
Brothom States — Not Kava
Miragliuolo — Sandwich Train
Pacman — Citybuilder
Colongib — Angry Robot Locked in Compartment Wrenches Itself Free
Bearly Queen — Hairy Palm Adventures I-VII (on Luovaja, album of same name)

“Opera Overnight” no.2, 11/20/11

Today’s installment of “Opera Overnight” is our second episode, but my first– as you may know, I’m co-producing “Opera Overnight” with Doug Flummer, host of “The Galaxy.” I’m hoping that my contribution will be towards making opera more familiar to listeners, not because I am an authority, but because we’ll take this journey together. In that spirit, I have selected two operas from Hungarian composer Ferenc Erkel; 1861’s “Bánk Bán,” and 1844’s “Hunyadi Lázsló.”

Perhaps, like me, you’ll be less interested in the details of the plot and more intrigued by hearing something new to your ears. In the future, I plan to make similar challenges for you– but for now, let’s just enjoy these. –DaveX

Ferenc Erkel — Bánk Bán
Ferenc Erkel — Hunyadi Lázsló
Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.1 in G minor
Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.2 in D minor
Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.3 in F
Johannes Brahms — Hungarian Dance No.4 in F sharp minor


“It’s Too Damn Early,” 11/12/11

“These are the jokes, kid.” Helping with inner ear problems since 4 in the AM.

Rune Lindblad — Månens Död (from “Death of the Moon,” on Pogus)
Rune Lindblad — Evening
Rune Lindblad — Nocturne
Martin Alejandro Fumarola — Callejuelas (this and next from “Travels of the Spider,” on Pogus)
Alejandro Iglesias Rossi — Ascención
Ashtray Navigations — Darwin’s Seal, Animal Tracks and Bones (from “The Love That Whirrs,” on Last Visible Dog)
Ashtray Navigations — She’s Like Black Glass On A Pinball Table, Threatening The Love That Whirrs
Seeded Plain — Tarpaper Neutrality (from “Entry Codes,” on Creative Sources)
Seeded Plain — Vacuum Insect
Seeded Plain — Czar of Thumbs
Seeded Plain — Waxwing Lettuce
Nolls — Tsunami Arms (from Hiss Nausea/Nolls split cassette on Hyster)
Nolls — Sunrape
Nolls — Invisible Summer
Nolls — Alpha Mail
Nolls — Night City
Nolls — Hallucinatory Forest
Rotkappchen — Xerox and Infinity (from Knirschen Knacken/Rotkappchen split cassette on Ikeukuro Dada)