The Laura Ingraham Show– start a healthy radio addiction this Saturday!

That’s right, Southern Illinois… Kicking off this Saturday you can start a healthy radio addiction with me, Laura Ingraham, right here on WDBX-FM!

I’m coming out of the gate swinging, right after I dunk the mic in Purell. This place is simply crawling with crusty hippies!

We’ll sound off on the pornification of Southern Illinois at the hands of the so-called “Vinyl Vixen,” put a torch to the treasonous filth of “Rasta Revolution,” and expose the seedy socialist agenda lurking behind “Light On The Law.” We might even ask DaveX the one question he’s been trying to avoid– where’s this guy’s birth certificate, anyway?

It’ll be just like my AM broadcasts, but without the incessant pitches for Goldline. Thanks, WDBX-FM!

Here I am at the first WDBX DJ Spin Party!