Pete’s Place – 3/31/14 Playlist

Vijay Iyer Trio, “Galang” from Historicity (2009). Rockin’ piano trio music from the record widely regarded as the best jazz LP of 2009.

George Benson, “White Rabbit” from the 1972 CTI record of the same name. The Pittsburgh-born guitartist covering Jefferson Airplane tune. With Conquistador horns. Weird. But cool.

Ben Allison and Medicine Wheel, “Ride the Nuclear Tiger” from a 2001 album of the same name. Terrific modern jazz.

Monty Alexander, “The Heathen” from Stir It Up: The Music of Bob Marley (1999). Jamaican jazz pianist pays tribute.

The Bad Plus, “Dirty Blonde” from Give (Columbia, 2004). Jazz’ power trio knocks out a good one.

Mose Allison, “Your Mind is on Vacation” from Best of Atlantic (1991). Original recordings from the early 60s featuring Mose’s hip wisdom. This, his song to shut up overly talkative club patrons.

Gary Burton, “Caminos” from Guided Tour, one of the best LPs of 2013 by the long-tenured vibist. Great, young band with distinctive tunes and Burton’s good vibes.

Sonny Clark, “Blue Minor” from Cool Struttin’ (Blue Note, 1958). Classic hard bop session.

Jaco Pastorious, “Hopus Pocus” from the bassist’s 1976 debut solo album. Cool steel drum intro, like the music in the 1980 “buddy cop” movie 48 Hours with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.

Gabor Szabo, “Paint It, Black” from Jazz Raga (1967). Long missing period piece, with overdubbed sitar on Stones’ song.

Gato Barbieri, “Milonga Triste” from Chapter 4: Alive in New York (1975), the last of the Latin America chapters cut for Impulse in early 70s. Lots of great jazz, just before the Argentine cat turned to “cool” jazz.

Al DiMeoloa, “Al Di’s Dream Theme” from Splendido Hotel (1980). Fasting-licks guitar fusion.

Eddie Harris, “Listen Here!” from The Electrifying Eddie Harris (1967). Early “fusion” of funk and jazz.


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