Playlist – 2/3/14

the Bad Plus, “Anthem of the Earnest” from Suspicious Activity (2005). Jazz’ power trio in full stride.

Joe Henderson, “Pedro’s Time” from Our Thing (Blue Note, 1964). Classic mid-60s BN date with Kenny Dorham on trumpet and Andrew Hill, piano in addition to the leader on tenor sax.

Dave Holland, “The Watcher” from Prism (2013). Pete’s nominee for favorite record (of ones I heard) from ’13, featuring the great bassist and a band including Kevin Eubanks (former Tonight Show band leader and brother of Robin, trombone player and Dave Holland Quintet member for years). Early 70s style fusion with thundering drums, distorted keyboards, and roaring guitar.

Django Reinhard, “The Blue Drag”. The Basque guitarist recorded in the 30s.

Pat Martino, “East!” — extended (12 min.) jam on title track of a 1968 album for the guitarist who established a fine career in the 60s and 70s, suffered brain surgery and resultant amnesia in 1980, and re-learned guitar listening to his old records.

Stephon Harris / David Sanchez / Christian Scott, “Black Action Figure” from Ninty (2011). Best song on a great album made by young American musicians (vibes, sax, trumpet respectively) traveling 90 miles south to record with Cuban rhythm section.

Roland Kirk, “Volunteered Slavery” from the 1969 Atlantic album of the same name. Multiple horns played simultaneously, odd but cool lyrics, and an extended quote from “Hey Jude”.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements, “Lymph Swag (Dance of the Leukocytes)” from Functional Arryhthms (2013). Odd album concept of tunes named for body functions. But cool music.

Larry Coryell and Eleventh House (1974). Channeling Mahavishnu Orchestra on “Low-lee-tah”. Randy Brecker on trumpet giving the group a unique fusion sound.

Double Image, “Rodney’s Dream of Fantasy and Self-Fulfillment” (1977). Distinctive sound with double vibes.


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