The Galaxy – Music on a Cool Spring Night (It is Spring, right?)

Cropped screenshot of Benny Goodman and his ba...

Cropped screenshot of Benny Goodman and his band, with featured vocalist Peggy Lee from the film Stage Door Canteen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We began with some Benny Goodman, celebrating the anniversary of his birthday that was on May 30th.  From the excellent remastered release of The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert, we heard:

  • Don’t Be That Way
  • Sometimes I’m Happy
  • One O’Clock Jump
  • Blue Skies
  • Loch Lomond (with Martha Tilton singing)
  • Blue Room
  • Swingtime in the Rockies
  • Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (also with Martha Tilton singing)
Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin

After the Benny Goodman, we stuck with the live theme (not a completely intentional thing that everything so far is live) by hearing a legendary Janis Joplin performance, from her Woodstock set (August 17, 1969), performed during a time when she was shifting her style to a sort of Memphis soul style, complete with horns (and an Otis Redding cover, which we did not hear this evening):

Santana at Woodstock, 1969

Santana at Woodstock, 1969

After Janis, we stuck with the live thing, and the Woodstock thing, by going with a set from Santana’s legendary Woodstock experience:



Interestingly enough (and completely coincidental), our next selection was also a live recording, from the excellent San Francisco band Dredg and their live album Live From The Fillmore:

  • The Warbler
  • Bug Eyes
  • Ode to the Sun
  • Same Ole’ Road

We were able to finish off tonight’s set with more live music (wasn’t sure if that would happen) by Sonic Youth, from the live set included with the Deluxe Edition release of Daydream Nation (recorded in 1988):


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