The Galaxy – Remembering the Possum

I Am What I Am (George Jones album)

I Am What I Am (George Jones album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was inevitable that I would have to do a tribute to George Jones, when I heard of his passing the other day.  There are many things that can be said about this great performer, yet words seem to fail me.  His voice was singularly expressive, with a knack for bending notes to great effect.  He excelled as a solo singer, yet his ability to blend his voice in harmony, and his willingness to share the spotlight as a duet partner, frequently with female voices like Melba Montgomery and Tammy Wynette (to whom he was famously married for several years), was unsurpassed.  Brad Paisley says it well:

“George Jones’ life is an example of so many wonderful things – how someone’s God-given gifts can make this a richer, better place. How one human being can overcome adversity, addiction and life-threatening obstacles time and time again.  That it is not the stumble or fall that counts, but the willingness to stand again. How a keen sense of humor and a twinkle in a person’s eye can still prevail even after all of life’s hard knocks. How mistakes, missteps, and bad choices are not the end of the world if a person chooses to turn them into something good. And George’s life is above all the strongest example of how the love of a great woman can get a man through anything,” the singer concluded. “All of this made its way beautifully into every note of the greatest voice country music will ever know, and one of the greatest friends you could ever have.”

English: George Jones performing at Harrah's M...

English: George Jones performing at Harrah’s Metropolis in Metropolis, Illinois in June 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, with that, my George Jones tribute:


Soundgarden (Photo credit: mediageek)

It has been a while since I’ve been able to play some Soundgarden.  I’d wanted to feature their new album, King Animal, but I’ve not yet been able to acquire it.  That certainly doesn’t prevent us from featuring a few of their classics: Rusty Cage, Limo Wreck, Face Pollution, Head Down, and The Day I Tried to Live.  All of these come from their classic ’90s albums, Badmotorfinger and Superunknown.  I am so, so, so glad that they are back together, recording and touring again.

I’ve been playing a lot of material from the band The Ocean Blue at home in recent weeks (I love their bass lines).  They hail from Hershey, PA, and they played a rather enjoyable show at Shryock in Carbondale back in the ’90s, notable for catchy tunes and great stage-craft.  So we heard Just Let Me Know (from their first, self-titled album), then Ballerina Out of Control and Hurricane Amore from their second album, Cerulean.

We finished the show with some Cure: Dressing Up (from The Walk), At Night (from Seventeen Seconds), and Charlotte Sometimes (issued as a single in ’81, now available on the remastered Faith Deluxe Edition)


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