What Momma Said 5/12 Setlist

Greetings – As you can see by reading this I have not much time in my life to fill out another form list or other compilation of information BUT I love the music that I play so the artists, being the actual show, deserve some acknowledgement.

Everett and I enjoy dabbling in a wide mix of genres and try to cross generations as well.

The new Willie Nelson cd, Heroes preview  is so great! HAD to play one for the listeners and one for me!

Here is what we played as I remember it (Artist/Song/CD)

Willie Nelson -A Horse Called Music – Heroes

Snake Oil Medicine Show – Love Tea Party – Bluegrass Tafari

Brooks Williams – Mountain – Skiffle-Bop

Still On The Hill -Round Barn -Still

The Sadies – Why Be So Curious? (Part 3) – Favourite Colours

Beatles – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band


Maurice Sendak -Where The Wild Things Are! (RIP – to someone who is truly one of a kind)

Robert Randolph Band – Going InThe Right Direction Unclassified

Gary US Bonds – No More Homework – The Best of Gary U.S. Bonds

Dick Dale  and His Del Tones- Listen to the King of Surf – The Best of Dick Dale

Dick Dale  and His DeltonesLet’s Go Tripping – The Best of Dick Dale

Ken Nordine – Muddy – Colors

Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby – Super Freaky

String Cheese Incident – Hold What You Got – Carnival 99 (Live)


Hermans Hermits – I’m Into Something Good

Frente – Open Up your Heart and Let the Sun shine In

Farmer Jason – Punk Rock Skunk – In The Woods With Farmer Jason

The Monkeys – Daydream Believer (Still kind of dazed at the loss of Davey Jones and more dazed at Donny Osmond dancing on Wierd Al Yankovic‘s new Video oh strange world!)

Bruce Hornsby – Cartoons and Candy

GrooveGrass – Stuck Like Glue  (Bootsie and bluegrass together?! who da thunk it?)

Billy Jonas – Lean On Me- What Kind Of CatAreYOu?

Post show play….Willie Nelson – Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

I Highly recommend the Willie CD – Listening to it – again – love hearing Lukas Nelson

and I couldn’t believe it was Sheryl Crow on “Come on up to the House”

Take the Joy of Music With you…

Wherever you go

momma c


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