WDBX 6:30-8am Saturdays

April 28,2012


  1. Tom Glazer -Come Down The Aisle-Honk Hiss Tweet GGGGG…
  2. Brian Vogan-We Call It Fall-Little Songs
  3. Eve and Mare-Squirrel Ran Up My Leg-Green Means Go
  4. Railroad Earth –Right In Tune – Amen Corner
  5. Disney-Hakuna Matata-Disney’s Greatest Hits vol 2
  6. UB40 –I wanna Be Like You –Disney Club Reggae


7.Sweet Honey In The Rock-Member of the World Community –Experience 101

8. Billy Kelly-I Don’t Know-Oasis Records Vol 10

9. Mr. Blotto – Kiss Me In The Morning – Bad Hair Day

10. Alice Evans, Alan Brasington, James Mironchik – Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee –Oasis Vol 10

11. Tony-Rice-Mansanita-Life Goes On a benefit cd for St Jude’sHospital


12. Muddy Waters – The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll – Hard Again

13. They Might Be Giants – Flying V – Here Come The ABC’s

14. Bob Mould – Shine Your Light Love Hope-Body Of Song

15. Dire Straights-Romeo and Juliet –Alchemy

16. Susie Arioli-Blue Skies – Night Lights

17. Mott The Hoople –The Golden Age of Rock and Roll – Super Hits


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