Still Catching up but I thought you might like to know what you have missed by sleeping in on Saturday mornings 6:30-8!

In no particular order, it went like this


MARTY STUART – Hey Porter (With Johnny Cash singing)

David Grisman and Jerry Garcia – Freight Train

John Alex Mason – Whisper

The Human Revolution – Take Your Shoes Off

7 Walkers – 7 Walkers

Nina Simone – In The Morning

Chet Atkins – Smile

Bill Cosby – Karate   (Hi-Yah!)

Billy Kelly – It’s a Wonderful Life

 Hope Harris – Down In The Valley

Pete Seeger – ALl AroundThe Kitchen

Graham Nash – Be Yourself

Always Saturday – Snowcones In The Sun

Billy Kelly – Coney Island Washboard

Jerry Douglas – Little Martha

The Human Rvolution – Sparkle

Garcia and Grisman – HOt COrn, Cold Corn

Stylistics – Here Comes The Sunrise

Donna Britton and Family – Eek Eek Gock Gock  Boing Boing




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