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Illinois High School Association

Illinois High School Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the young musicians of Carbondale Community High School, who placed 2nd in Class A Music Program Overall (Solo/Ensemble + Organizational) at the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Music Festival.  They received 84 Division 1 ratings and 10 Division 2 Ratings, earning 2nd Place Band, 2nd Place Strings, as well as 2nd Place Overall.  In addition, I’d also like to congratulate Carterville High School, which received 41 Division 1 Ratings and 13 Division 2 Ratings, earning 10th place Band, 8th Place Vocal, and 9th Place Overall Class B Music Program.  Both of these are substantial achievements for these schools, and can serve as an indicator of the strength of their music programs.  Good job, guys!

In addition, the following local (or at least fairly local) schools also did well:

  • Waterloo (up near St. Louis – I’m including them because I have friends up there) finished 23rd in Class A
  • Mt. Vernon HS finished 25th in Class A, tied with Mattoon HS.
  • Jacksonville HS (way up north, but my cousin is on the school board, so I should be inclusive here too) finished 32nd in Class A
  • Herrin HS finished 55th in Class A
  • Nashville placed 10th in Class B, one behind Carterville.
  • Pinckneyville placed 20th in Class B
  • Duquoin HS placed 36th in Class B
  • Christopher placed 42nd in Class B
  • Massac County placed 56th in Class B
  • Sparta placed 68th in Class B.
  • Sesser-Valier placed 20th in Class C.
  • Chester placed 33rd in Class C.
  • Trico placed 68th in Class C.
  • Egyptian HS (in Tamms) tied for 33rd in Class D.
  • Pope County HS (that’s Golconda) placed 38th.

In addition, the following soloists and ensembles were given special recognition at the regional event hosted at Carbondale Community High School:

  • Alina Tichacek, Marian Repp, Trevon Sherrill – Carbondale  (Trumpet Ensemble) 
  • Alex Taylor, Chris Glennon, Jacob Criddle, and Tyler Anderson – Carterville (Mixed Brass Ensemble) 
  • Kelsey Crawford, Amanda Halter and Marissa Roath – Anna (A.-Jonesboro) (Treble Ensemble) 
  • Pinckneyville Men’s Octet – Pinckneyville (Bass Ensemble) 
  • Murphysboro Madrigal Choir – Murphysboro (Madrigal Group) 
  • Carbondale Guitar Choir – Carbondale (String Choir) 
  • Yenna Cho – Carbondale (Flute) 
  • Aaron Kennedy – Massac County (E-Flat Alto Sax.) 
  • Rachel Brady – Murphysboro (Trumpet) 
  • David Blaise – Carbondale (Marimba) 
  • Nick Ginsburg – Carbondale (Piano) 
  • Carbondale Percussion Choir – Carbondale (Percussion Choir) 
  • Emily Fink – Carbondale (Female Voice) 
  • Shannon Nehrkorn – Pinckneyville (Female Voice) 
  • Anne Visser – Herrin (Female Voice) 
  • Marian Repp – Carbondale (Female Voice) 
  • Quinlan Monk, John Sarvela, Stephen Blair – Carbondale (Mixed Wind Ensemble)

Each of these schools and their students should be congratulated for doing so well.  Having participated in that competition myself when I was in high school, I remember the experience – the nerves, the hours of practice time.  To that end, I take  great joy in seeing young musicians striving to develop their musical potential.  In my eyes, it gives us all hope for the future.

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