The Galaxy – Tripping the lights

MastodonI do enjoy playing new material on The Galaxy, and tonight is filled with new(ish) material, and new(ish) releases of classic material, all stuff that had been on my wish list for a while.

We started the set with some great material from Mastodon‘s new studio album, The Hunter.  They claim that this album is not organized around a theme, unlike their last several albums (Crack the Skye, Blood Mountain and Leviathan).  Yet I see a certain amount of thematic consistency across the album.  In any case, there are some really great songs here, and we heard just a sampling of that: Black Tongue, Curl of the Burl, All The Heavy Lifting, Dry Bone Valley, and Spectrelight.  We then followed that with a set from the audio version of their live cd/dvd set Live at the Aragorn, featuring older material: Circle of Cysquatch, Aqua Dementia, Where Strikes the Behemoth, Mother Puncher, and The Bit.

One of the more wonderful releases of 2011 is a reissue of Jimi Hendrix’s Winterland performances, expanded to include everything recorded over the three nights that Hendrix played that venue in October of 1968.  There was a recording issued in 1987 that pulled bits from all three nights to make a single disk, and I’ve long considered that recording (which has been out of print for some time now) to be among Hendrix’s best live recordings.  This new box set not only brings these classic performances back into availability, but expands and improves on what was previously available, with some songs that were otherwise never recorded in concert.  For tonight’s set, we went with the 10/10/1968 disc: Tax Free, Lover Man, Sunshine of Your Love, Hear My Train A Comin’, and Killing Floor

We also heard from an interesting 2010 release by Underoath, titled Disambiguation.  From that album, we heard A Divine Eradication, Who will Guard the Guardians, Reversal,Vacant Mouth, and My Deteriorating Incline.


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