Townsend on Peel

I saw this quote in an otherwise dull BBC article featuring Pete Townsend:

The guitarist praised John Peel, who died in 2004, for his dedication to listening to the music he was sent by up-and-coming acts.

“Sometimes he played some records that no-one else would ever have played, and that would never be played on radio again,” he said.

“But he listened, and he played a selection of records in the course of each week that his listeners knew – partly because the selection was sometimes so insane – proved he was genuinely engaged in his work as an almost unconditional conduit between creative musicians like me to the radio audience.”

John Peel is a big hero to me– and certainly not just for his awesome barn full of vinyl! I listen to a tremendous amount of new music each week, and air anything I think is worthwhile. Sometimes this means 180g vinyl from famous bands and artists, other times, it’s a battered cassette tape from a complete unknown. Providing this opportunity to musicians and listeners means a lot to me. Hopefully, you’ll check out my show next week, Saturday at 4am.

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