Liveblogging! “It’s Too Damn Early,” 10/1/11

Last week, the Hi-Life Room felt like a camel’s womb. This week, I’m wearing my coat. Some tomfoolery is surely at work, but it hasn’t stopped me from putting together the greatest set of experimental music ever since last week’s broadcast.*

I think the Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade album is really putting things over the top, and opening with a George Korein project never hurts, either. As always, my thanks to the handful of people who dug “It’s Too Damn Early” as it happened– you’re a special lot, and believe me when I say that someday, there will be a cure for your insomnia. Until then, enjoy reading this fine playlist.

Naked Mall Rats — There Must Be Somewhere On the Internet (from “Somewhere On the Internet,” on Bat Hot Axe)
Rev 99 — Radical Episcopalianism (from “Everything Changed After 7-11,” on Pax Recordings)
Rev 99 — Etude Brut
A_Dontigny — Turner (from “Geisteswissenschaften,” on NoType)
A_Dontigny — All-Over
A_Dontigny — Werkungsgeschichtesbewusstein
Don Campau — Planck Era (from “Jungle of Misunderstanding,” on Lonely Whistle)
Don Campau — De Sitter Expansion Interrupted For Lunch
Matt Davignon — Markhor (from “Living Things,” on Edgetone)
Matt Davignon — Freshwater Hydra
The Green Kingdom — Late Summer (from “Laminae,” on The Land Of)
The Green Kingdom — A Hidden Stream (alternate)
Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade — Lonely Eyes of Amnesia (from self-titled album on Urck Records)
Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade — Underwater Orbit Donuts
Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade — The City Night Prayer I Become
Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade — Valentine’s Cluster Wank
Bearly Queen — Rainbow’s End? (from “Rainbow’s End?” on Luovaja)

*Trust me, I’m a DJ.


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