Scratchy Vinyl, September 17 2011

The Last Weekend of Summer!  We are heading towards longer nights, sweet potatoes, and crispy leaves underfoot.  One of my favorite parts of fall, the ticks and chiggers and poison ivy  start to go away!  What’s yours?

Don’t forget to call in your pledge today!  And make sure to check out the links below to hear some great music from current musicians based in New Orleans!

Have a Good Time,  Paul Simon
Don’t Think Twice It’s All right, Bob Dylan
Where Do The Children Play, Cat Stevens
Malagunas Flamencas, Manitas de Plata
In The Still Of The Night, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
Mr. Jinx Stay Away From Me,  Larry Clinton and His Orchestra with Bea wain
You Took Advantage of Me,  Midnight at Eddie Condon’s
Something’s Gotta Give, Rosemary Cloony
Potato Head Blues,  Louis Armstrong and His Hot Seven
Always, Harry James and His Orchestra
Let Me Off Uptown,  Larry Clinton and His Orchestra
I Wish I Was In Chicago,  The Characters
If I Had My Way,  Far Westerners
The Song Of A One Legged Chicken, Tom T. Hall
I Love,  Tom T Hall
Cattle Call,  Slim Whitman
You Are My Sunshine,  Texas Jim Robertson
Drive You Out of My Mind,  Loretta Lynn
1600 Miles, Dave Dudley
Little Boxes,  Pete Seeger
Dolores,  Dick Kesner
Viper’s Dream, Django Reindhardt and Stephane Grappelli
All the Wrongs You Did Me,  Sweet Emma At Disneyland
Tin Roof Blues,  The French Market Jazz Band
Who Took The Happiness Out,  Dirty Dozen Brass Band
 On Frenchman StreetLynn Drury
Bogalusa Strut, The French Market
Frankie,  Ken Swartz and The Palace of Sin
It Ain’t What You Think, Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Sugar on The FloorLynn Drury


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