Your Community Spirit 2011 September 2

News includes 9 Ways to Get More of the Time that Matters; Irene one of the costliest storms in U.S. history; lab-grown meat just 6 months away; U.S Navy’s wave-powered buoy plays chicken with Irene, wins; Obama can’t catch a break on oil; Germany sets renewables record; Apple under gun from Chinese green groups; vegetarians enjoy oral sex more. Happenings include Italian at Rice and Spice; Friday Night Fair; Farmer’s Market; Vigil for Peace; Testy Turtles and Singing Treefrogs; Vegetarian Thanksgiving; Questions of Faith and Reality; InterVeg vegetarian potluck; Intro to Non-Violent Communication; Support for Good Samaritan Ministries; 11 Days for Peace; healing arts workshops at the Women’s Center.


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