It’s Too Damn Style! 7/31/11

Morpion – Incidents (from “Headcleaner,” on IDMf)
Morpion – Small Wifely Discord

Muslimgauze – Refugee (from “No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel,” on Staalplat)
Aetheros – Awake But Still Dreaming (from “Beyond The Listening Booth vol.1, on IDMf)
Muslimgauze – Teargas
Essenthy & Automaggedon – Compromise (this, and next track, from “Beyond The Listening Booth vol.1, on IDMf)
Chinese Goblin Factory – Reality Dysfunction
Zavolonka – Gora (from “Plavyna,” on Nexsound)
Zavolonka – Lyshtva
Atra Aeterna — The End of Alchemy (this, and next track, from “Beyond The Listening Booth vol.1, on IDMf)
Dr. Device — Breaking News

DACM — Angel (from “Stereotypie,” on Asphodel)
David Tudor — Rain Forest Version I (from “Rain Forest,” on Mode)
Cat Astro Phi — Kitty Cat and Spacey Man (from “Disasterpeace“)

Cat Astro Phi — Looking After Ripley’s Cat
Cat Astro Phi — This Ain’t Asteroids!
Cat Astro Phi — Jonesy! I’ll Save You
Cat Astro Phi —  Mystery Moon Intruder
Anamanaguchi — Helix Nebula (from “Power Supply,” on 8Bit Peoples)
Anamanaguchi — Don Metropolis
Anamanaguchi — Flora


2 comments on “It’s Too Damn Style! 7/31/11

  1. Tom Servo says:

    Great Stuff!! Thank you Emma

  2. Thanks for listening!

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