InsomniROCK: Three Chord CPR

It’s been a while since InsomniROCK has Blogapussed. It’s been even longer since we’ve gone to see a show. Blame Midwest Warming. Blame monetary challenges. Blame Redtube. On the 27th, InsomniROCK went to The Gasthaus in downtown Elgin to see The Love Shots, who have been heard on the show, and had the pleasure of seeing two other great bands, brick mower and Black Wine. Besides from that night with the twins, this was the best ménage à trois of noise I’d ever heard. It definitely brought InsomniROCK back from the dead. So, I guess we are zombies now.

Straight outa New Jersey come brick mower and Black Wine touring together and sharing couches, saliva (what’s sixsome in French?) and a drum set. They’ve suffered through seven hour drives to rock sun-swept Buffalo, NY and dreamy Detroit, MI in a four-door and a mini-van. These bands have got rocks, too, ‘cause they don’t even have a spare tire (more room for the drugs). While playing in Buffalo they shared the stage with a band called The Butt Babies at Jumbo’s Place. Coincidentally, after learning this I had a great idea for a…movie.

brick mower is Eric (guitar and vocals), Kristin (bass) and Steve (drums). Steve hammers on the kit like John Henry on a railroad spike and Kristin has her bass up to 11 creating a great noise background for Eric to coat on some riffs and vocals. Kristin asserts that “nothing crazy” has happened on this tour so far but the fact that she is actually a Taliban agent and adhering to a severe allegiance of silence is undoubted. Eric cites Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. as influences on the band’s sound. They also have free stickers. Which is pimp. Take a listen to brick mower and slap a sticker on the crotch of your pants like I did.

Black Wine is Jeff (guitar and vocals), Jay (bass and vocals) and Miranda (drums and vocals). Jeff lays down some great guitar work on top of the nice bass grooves by Jay and drumming from Miranda. What really caught my aural attention, though, was the use of three vocalists. At times it would be just one member, then another would join in and the other would drop out and then the other would join in. During one of their last songs all three came together and it really rocked. Jay says that all three write their lyrics and if someone sounds better singing a certain verse they’ll go ahead with that. Black Wine is influenced by early 90’s sub-pop and SST. Jeff used to play guitar for The Ergs! so, if you like them, check out Black Wine.

Both Brick Mower and Black Wine are looking for something to do for the next couple days so if you have an idea of a venue, let them know! And watch out Minnesota, Milwaukee and Iowa City, ‘cause you’re next.

The Love Shots are Danny (guitar and vocals), Rob (bass) and Johnny (Drums). They have been making Elgin shake and move for a while now and are getting some rave revues from a couple dudes face down at the bar. Rob says they are heavily influenced by the 50’s sound and bands such as The Shangri-Las, the Ramones and the Misfits (who The Love Shots opened for when they came to the Clearwater Theater). Their sound is refreshing, like a strawberry shake at the soda fountain with your favorite poodle-skirt wearing gal. The band incorporates medleys into their set, including a terrific melting together of The Ramones’ “The KKK Took My Baby Away” and Wayne Cochran’s “Last Kiss.” They’re also great at improvising when guitar strings snap. Currently the band is planning a tour and is in the market for a van. So, how ‘bout donating your mom’s mini-van when she’s not looking?

Thanks to all three bands for chatting with me and putting on a great show! If you see ’em out there, say “hi.” They’re good people.

I’d also like to give a big ups to Rich at Rediscover Records for getting me in touch with my vinyl side. InsomniROCK is now spinning records! Go check out his great collection of grooved vinyl.

Check out this link for a FREE download of Fest 10 Compilation #1. It ripped the flux capacitor straight outa my DeLorean. Thanks to Matt Danger! for the link.

If you know of any great shows coming up let us now on the comments section of this blog or email us toll-free at You can also like us on Facebook. Be sure to check out the other great bloggers on The Blogapus and thank the Spaghetti Monster for punk rock.


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