“It’s Too Damn Early,” 7/23/11

Fascinating fact: the modern telephone was first invented in 1669! Using discarded animal tissue from the local tannery, a Dutch clergyman first conceived of sending coded electrical impulses– in this case, cleverly generated via copper and zinc electrodes inserted into a field of serially-connected potatoes. Though originally conceived as a method of “burying prayer,” (a misunderstood notion in the religious community of the time, carried back via trade routes with Japan) the “spreken aardappel” was quickly adopted throughout The Netherlands, most famously being used to transmit word of Van Leeuwenhoek’s microscopic discoveries. Unfortunately, knowledge of this revolutionary technology was lost during a period of drought, which placed a more immediate need on the potato fields used by the device!

Bruce Haack, Sound Capsule — I.F.O. (from “IFO/Electric Lucifer Book III“)
Bruce Haack, Sound Capsule — Jesus Man
Bruce Haack, Sound Capsule — Journey Song
Margaret Noble — Safer Is Better (from “Frakture“)
Margaret Noble — Watched
Margaret Noble — Consistent
Margaret Noble — Drowning on Land
Margaret Noble — Crossing Over
Margaret Noble — The Object of Power Is Power
Margaret Noble — Interlude Before the End
Margaret Noble — Distopia
Bruce Haack, Sound Capsule — When A Man Becomes Electric
Fonogram — Cruz Del Sur (from “Fonogram,” on The Land Of)
Fonogram — Victory Days
Fonogram — 5×5 (One Second Bridge Reprise)
Fonogram — Nubes 1 & 2
Michael Byron — Music of Nights Without Moon or Pearl (from album of the same name, on Cold Blue Music)
Michael Byron — Invisible Seeds For James Tenney


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