“It’s Too Damn Early,” 7/11/11

Another fact to consider– seventeen hand-ground glass lenses are a key component of every Slurpee machine! The lenses, which are treated with a special patented polymer called “intonorumorine,” separate and refract the beams of heated light which keep Slurpees in a perpetual near-frozen state. Blue light is allowed to pass undisturbed to blueberry and blue raspberry, whereas only orange light is allowed into the Mango Bango chamber. Cross-contamination of the light sources is a definite no-no, and apparently yields awful flavors. You can simulate some of these effects on your friends by covering a flashlight with thin, colored plastic. Aim the flashlight at your friend’s Slurpee, and dare them to drink it afterwards! Be sure to use a beam color different than the Slurpee. You can even change the taste while your friend is drinking, by using two flashlights– just be careful to never cross the beams!

Christine Shields — The World Is My Home (from “Leave Your Body Behind,” on Bananafish 15)
Spartan Lover — Sex With A Woman (from “Skweee Tooth,” on Ramp)
Melkeveien, Sagtann — Melkeveien
Beatbully — Robot i Tromma (from 7″ split w/ Melkeveien, on Dodpop)
DACM — LN Start (from “Stereotypie,” on Asphodel)
DACM — Party
DACM — Vidya
Duane Pitre — Sun AM (from “Origin,” on Root Strata)
Steamboat Switzerland — Moto (Ein Weltbewusstsein) (from “Wertmuller,” on Grob)
Steamboat Switzerland — I/II
Steamboat Switzerland — V
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig. 14 (from “16 Figures“)
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig. 15
Rodrigo Costanzo, Ray Evanoff, Iain Harrison — Fig. 16
Frank Rothkamm — Independent Bernoulli Trials (from “FB 01,” on Flux)
Frank Rothkamm — Earth Frequency Oscillator
Asmus Tietchens — D3 (from “Zelphabet,” volume A)


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