“It’s Too Damn Early,” 7/2/11

Another fascinating fact… The pelvic bone (or statococcus) comprises 60% of an adult kangaroo’s weight! It is hypothesized that the peculiar density of this bone, which stands in marked contrast to neighboring skeletal features, is due to the unique kangaroo diet– these animals have long been known to consume large stones up to 20kg, which function in the digestive tract of the kangaroo much in the manner of the avian gizzard. Minerals from these stones are slowly digested, and settle into the surrounding skeletal structure, fortifying the kangaroo pelvis over its lifetime. This allows biologists to accurately determine the age of a kangaroo specimen to the day by examining the size of the pelvic bone growth, much like counting rings on a tree. Recently, scientists in Kenya have perfected a non-invasive technology for measuring pelvic growth in living kangaroos. This allows them to gain current statistics on their native kangaroo population, a helpful tool to combat rampant poaching.

Lovely Little Girls — Chunky Dog-Like Face (from “Glamourous Piles and Puffy Saddlebags,” on Apop Records)
Lovely Little Girls — Creeping Things Dig Slowly
Lovely Little Girls — Wretched Substitute
Lovely Little Girls — Little Debbie Garbage Can
Lovely Little Girls — Sugar Lips
Morceaux de Machines — Prime Shake (from “Liberum Arbitrium,” on NoType)
Charlie Morrow — Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves (from “Toot!” on XI Records)
Conure — Amsterdam and 81st: A Reverie (from “Strings, Locations,” on Edgetone)
Duchesses — The Fox Hunt (from “Estupet,” on Apop Records)
Duchesses — The Pit Bulimia
Duchesses — The Lazer Poney
Duchesses — The Cock Block
Duchesses — The Laughing Jaina/Wacko Jackal
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Paris One (from “Paris 2008,” on Cuneiform)


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