“Style City” 6/19/11

Proxylife — Sept. 21, 2001 (from “Vide EP,” on NoType)
Proxylife — C4H9CO2H
Proxylife — f_beta a
Proxylife — Untitled 2A
Proxylife — P_staircase
Mosca — Brave Martyr Pilots
Shitbird — Bruised Bit (from the “Shitbird EP” on Chip ‘n” Damned)
Shitbird — Carpetleech
Shitbird — The Crepuscular
Malaria Labs — Baby Shakin Vibes
Malaria Labs — Trash Town
Malaria Labs — Revolution Rythm
A.M.U. — Diamond
A.M.U. — Donald  Knuth’s Wet Dream
A.M.U. — Donald Knuth’s Dub Dream

Thanks so much for listening and calling in tonight. I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed the show! Tune in next Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm to have an amazing tour around Style City once again. Have a wonderful night and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!! 🙂

Your Tour Guide, Emma


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