“It’s Too Damn Early,” 6/25/11

More fascinating facts– due to the integration of expelled carbon dioxide with the liquid glass, blown glass mosquito traps are 75% more effective than their plastic counterparts. The reason is that insects excrete a chemical called norophermin which tingles in the presence of carbon dioxide, thus giving these blood-suckers a type of “night vision,” allowing them to locate living creatures by their breath. Blown glass traps fool the mosquito, and save everyone a painful bite! One common reason for insect infestation in the home is the presence of blown glass decorative objects. Smash them to release the toxins, and store new blown glass art in plastic bags outdoors in a well-ventilated area.

AMK — Flux Owls For Evermore (from “Zelphabet” vol. A)
C Spencer Yeh — Three Synthesizers March 2008 (also from Zelphabet)
Univers Zero — Jack the Ripper (from “Heresie,” on Cuneiform)
Frank Rothkamm — Relikt (from “Moers Works,” on Monochrome Vision)
Frank Rothkamm — Ruckkopplung
Frank Rothkamm — Industrie
Charlie Morrow — Wave Music VII for 30 Harps (from “Toot!” on XI Records)
John David Eriksen — Liberty (from “Endings, Beginnings,” on Hymns)
John David Eriksen — 23longlong


Your Community Spirit 2011 June 24

News includes Bill McKibben’s op ed on extreme storms and climate change; drilling company’s coloring book sells fracking to kids; using pee to water plants in public restrooms. Happenings include Thai at Rice and Spice; Blue Plate Specials at Friday Night Fair; Farmer’s Market, including Grilling Locally; Junior Naturalist of Cache River; Vigil for Peace; Trash Bash at Ferne Clyffe State Park.

“Style City” 6/19/11

Proxylife — Sept. 21, 2001 (from “Vide EP,” on NoType)
Proxylife — C4H9CO2H
Proxylife — f_beta a
Proxylife — Untitled 2A
Proxylife — P_staircase
Mosca — Brave Martyr Pilots
Shitbird — Bruised Bit (from the “Shitbird EP” on Chip ‘n” Damned)
Shitbird — Carpetleech
Shitbird — The Crepuscular
Malaria Labs — Baby Shakin Vibes
Malaria Labs — Trash Town
Malaria Labs — Revolution Rythm
A.M.U. — Diamond
A.M.U. — Donald  Knuth’s Wet Dream
A.M.U. — Donald Knuth’s Dub Dream

Thanks so much for listening and calling in tonight. I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed the show! Tune in next Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm to have an amazing tour around Style City once again. Have a wonderful night and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!! 🙂

Your Tour Guide, Emma

“It’s Too Damn Early,” 6/18/11

Little known fact– bowling balls manufactured overseas contain a radium core which heats the ball slightly, causing a decrease in friction as it travels across the lane. Professional bowlers on the international circuit have a higher rate of cancer than their domestic counterparts. Fascinatingly, the percentage of malignant tumors corresponds almost exactly with an increase in overall bowling scores and tournament wins.

Frank Rothkamm — Klavier (from “Moers Works,” on Monochrome Vision)
Frank Rothkamm — Quartett
Frank Rothkamm — Kurzwelle
Frank Rothkamm — Nein
Frank Rothkamm — Arpeggiator
Lateral Agricultural Order — First Memorial Gangrene (from “Bananafish 16” compilation)
Lateral Agricultural Order — Din Don
Lateral Agricultural Order — Gabardine Cadaver
Lateral Agricultural Order — Invocata
Lateral Agricultural Order — Daniela
Lateral Agricultural Order — Archives VI
Lateral Agricultural Order — Hi Fi Sadist
Lateral Agricultural Order — Pedal of the Melancholic
Failing Lights — The Submarine Twilight (from Zelphabet vol. F)
Big City Orchestra — Advise Pilot Of Fire (from “Is Dead Long Live,” on Ubuibi)
ig City Orchestra — Seconds Too Late
Big City Orchestra — Remain In Orb
Big City Orchestra — Exspect Nothing
Z’ev – Life Sentense (from “An Uns Momento, Life Sentense & Save What?” on Crippled Intellect)
Nine Inch Nails –6 Ghosts I (from “Ghosts I-IV“)
Brian Eno — Under Stars II (from “Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks,” on EG)
Peter Wright — Low Ground (from “Pariahs Sing Om: Collected Drone Poems 2000-2003,” on LVD)
Peter Wright — Catch A Spear As It Flies
Peter Wright — Strumming Rotunda
Peter Wright — Stucco
Peter Wright — Rotunda
Peter Wright — The Bride Stripped Bare (Again)

Your Community Spirit 2011 June 17

News includes Midwest Renewable Energy Fair; Humanity’s Energy Dilemma In Three Easy Charts; Detroit Farm School For Teen Moms Has Been Saved. Happenings include Malaysian at Rice and Spice; Tomcat Hill Social Club at Friday Night Fair; Farmer’s Market; Vigil for Peace; Murphysboro Citywide Cleanup; Night Shift observation of bats and insects; last chance to support Treesong’s upcoming novel; Trash Bash litter cleanup at Ferne Clyffe State Park.

Your Community Spirit 2011 June 10

News includes energy efficiency tips; roadside assistance for bikes; carrot top pesto; arsenic-flavored chicken; the Food Pyramid becomes the Food Plate; climate change disasters unlikely to be agents of progressive change; why and how to raise chickens in the city; farms in New York City’s skyscrapers. Happenings include Gasland at Longbranch; Farmer’s Market; Vigil for Peace; prayer vigil for prisoners; Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.

Style City Sneek Peek 6/12/11

Today on Style City, I have a wonderful guest coming in. She is a really good friend of mine and we haven’t had a radio show together in about four years. Her name is Tour Guide Mega DJ. Tune into 91.1 FM (WDBX) at 3:30 and listen ’til 5pm to hear amazing chiptunes and go on a wonderful tour around town!

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