“It’s Too Damn Early” End of the World Special, 5/21/11

In honor of the Macho Man’s hearty efforts at keeping my childhood weird, his courageous actions which went beyond the call of duty in preventing today’s Scheduled Rapture, and his fine taste in sunglasses; I would like to send out a special “Ooooohhhh yeaaaaaah!” and dedicate today’s broadcast in his memory. We’ll miss you!

Le Syndicat, Merzbow, NBN — Vaccine (from “Timespace Losses,” on Monochrome Vision)
Morceaux de Machines — Multivision Espacial (from “Liberum Arbitrium,” on No Type)
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 1-010011010011011 (from “Rhizome,” on Cuneiform)
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 2-100101000111010
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 3-001101010011001
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome 4-110100100010000
Merzbow, Richard Pinhas — Rhizome Encore-0110101011
Nihil Communication — Sea of Ideology (from “We Are Violent,” on Edgetone)
Nihil Communication — A Supplication
Nihil Communication — End Dialogue


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