InsomniROCK: Gonna Take that Train to the Reptile Station; Play List 4/9/11

The Chicago Herpetological Society’s Reptile Fest went on the weekend of April 9th and 10th and was a major success.  Over 5,000 people showed up to pet some reps! There were snakes, crocodiles, chameleons, turtles, iguanas, and more! One volunteer even had an iguana on top of a snake…on top of his head. It was wild. The show aims at showing children and adults that reptiles and amphibians are friendly animals and can make good pets, as long as they are handled safely.

Here’s the playlist:
1. Iggy and the Stooges – Search and Destroy
2. Green Day – Going to Pasalaqua
3. Slick Shoes – Friday Night
4. The Groovie Ghoulies – I Wanna Have Fun
5. The Copyrights – Cashiers
6. Wesley Willis – Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonalds
7. Common Rider – Small Pebble
8. Lost Prophets – Last Train Home
9. NOFX – Pump Up the Valium

InsomniSNAKES like to cuddle in arm pits.

10. Millencolin – Penguins and Polar Bears
11. Defiance Ohio – Condition 11:11
12. Dillenger Four – Noble Stabbings!!
13. Dr. Frank – Knock Knock
14. The Haddonfields – Highschool Runaway
15. Mr. Bungle – Air Conditioned Nightmare
16. Mustard Plug – Miss Michigan
17. The Dopamines – The Dispatch
18. Operation Ivy – Badtown
19. Michael Jackson – Thriller
20. Tiger Army – Atomic
21. Blur – TV and Coffee
22. Ann Bereta – Love’s easy Tears
23. Rancid – Salvation
24. The Forgetters – The Night Accelerates
25. The Hives – A Get Together to Tear it Apart
26. Seal – Kiss from a Rose
27. The Marked Men – Hate Me Anyway
28. Mad Caddies – Cup O Tea
29. Queens of the Stone Age – First it Giveth
30. Sass Dragons – Makin’ Love
31. Shot Baker – I’m Sorry Illinois
32. I Voted for Kodos – Just Want You to Know
33. The Lawrence Arms – The Corpses of Our Motivations
34. fIREHOSE – In My Mind
35. Bollweevils – Finale


2 comments on “InsomniROCK: Gonna Take that Train to the Reptile Station; Play List 4/9/11

  1. Wesley Willis whipped a llama’s ass!

  2. alexpaull says:

    Fantastic post. I’m jealouse, cooler than cool text and photo is a scary winner.

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