“It’s Too Damn She Said,” 4/9/11

Yes, I’m covering for “He Said, She Said!” It’s still our Spring Membership Drive, so be sure to hit me up with a phone call to make your pledge– 618-457-3691.

Jerry Lewis — You’ll Never Walk Alone
Alhaji K. Frimpong — Kyen Kyen Bi Adi Mawu
The Originals — The Whip
Dokaka — Smells Like Teen Spirit
Dokaka — Angel of Death
Cyfleoedd — Rhy Rchydig, Rhy Hwyr
George McKelvey — Teenage Fallout Queen
Saban Bajramovic — Bubamara
Katamari Damancy Theme
Yasuharu Konishi — Mickey Mouse Club Theme
Radiohead — Where Bluebirds Fly
Noriko Tujiko — Marble Waltz
Mira Calix — Routine (The Dancing Bear)
Melt Banana — Showroom Dummies
Jagwa Music — Jenifer

Funkadelic — Can You Get To That
Aphex Twin — Die Fantastichen Vier Remix
Aphex Twin — Flow Coma Remix
The Heads — Mystic Healer (Suck My Tailpipe)
Rudimentary Peni — Poppycock
Rudimentary Peni — Pig In A Blanket
Judy Garland — Purple People Eater
Noel Coward — Let’s Do It


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