“It’s Too Damn Early” kicks off Spring Membership Drive!

It’s the WDBX 2011 Spring Membership Drive! If you love your community radio, it’s time to support it. Call in your pledge at 618-457-3691, and help keep WDBX on the air! You may be interested to know that 42% of our operating budget comes from these pledges– your support adds up, big time! If you’re a little light at the moment, just remember that a pledge is a promise. We’ll need your money eventually, but right now, we just need your call. Thank you! –DaveX

Negativland — Time Zones (from “Escape From Noise,” on Seeland)
Frank Rothkamm — Chelsea Girl (from “Frank Genius Is Star Struck,” on Flux Records)
Frank Rothkamm — La Vie
Frank Rothkamm — Black in the Sky
Vapaa — Ajan Odotus (from “Hum Hum Hum,” on Last Visible Dog)
Vapaa — Sarastaa
Big City Orchestra — Tara’s Theme from ‘Gone With The Wind’ (from “Love Film Greats,” on Ubuibi and Roil Noise)
Rune Lindblad — Nocturne (from “Death of the Moon,” on Pogus)
Dual — Ceem (from “Keimar Sty,” on Coombe)
If, Bwana — Cicada #4: Version Barnard (from “Favorite Encores,” on Pogus)
Noah Creshevsky — Favorite Encores (from split Pogus release above)
Negativland — Squant (from “Crosley Bendix Radio Reviews,” on Seeland)
Area C — Outside the Flaming Body (from “Haunt,” on Last Visible Dog)
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Spontaneous Fracturing of Heavy Metal (this, and next five, from “Men In White Coats” split release on OKS Recordings of North America)
El Plan de Aquavodka — An Asteroid Killed the Dinosaurs But It’s Alright
The Painful Leg Injuries — A Church Hymn About the Simplicity of E. Coli
The Painful Leg Injuries — The Timecube Cubed
The Painful Leg Injuries — Venus Williams Relies on Frequencies From the Mars Effect
El Plan de Aquavodka — The Thames Remembers Mr. Handel Still
Brian Eno — Final Sunset (from “Music For Films,” on EG)
Thollem McDonas — If You Fall To Your Death (from “I’ll Meet You Halfway Out In the Middle Of It All,” on Edgetone)
Thollem McDonas — Penetrating Idea
John Corbett — Cold Sweat (from “I’m Sick About My Hat,” on Atavistic)
John Corbett — Speed Hump
Fat Worm of Error — Return of the Thin White Dook (from “Ambivalence and the Beaker,” on Resipiscent)
Fat Worm of Error — Mashed Potentate
Melt Banana — Ketchup Mess
The Swirlies — Pancake (from “Blonder Tongue Audio Baton,” on Taang Records)
US Maple — So Long Bonus (from “Talker,” on Drag City)


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