I need one of these for my next radio show!

The Vinyl Arcade is a large-scale interactive installation combining sound art, sculpture, video art, new media and competitive sports into every kid (and kidult’s) dream-hybrid; a kinetic, immersive, participatory play-set that combines vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports into a video game played within a real world setting!

Classic first person game play is emulated as remote control cars with styli attached, race across a track constructed from a mass of disused vinyl records, transmitting sound (produced as the styli skim along the vinyl surface) and vision (from wireless spy cameras mounted to the front of each car) to reengineered old school video racing consoles.

Here in front of immersive 50″ flat screens, players navigate the course from the vehicles point of view, not only controlling the cars’ movements, but also the parameters of the resulting sounds they create via a series of unique audio effects mounted onto each cars dashboard giving each car its own distinct aural flavour.

The Vinyl Arcade will be installed for the first time outside of Australia at the Donau Festival in Krems, Austria.


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