InsomniROCK: But who is that third who walks among you? Play list 3/26/11

InsomniROCK came back from Spring Break with three brains putting on the tunes! Craig and Josh came by to play some songs that brought a nice balance to the show. BUT NEXT WEEK LOOK OUT! It’s time to rock it out again. My guest is going to be Megan who will be talking about the model United Nations on campus and raging to Disturbed. Thanks to T.S. Eliot for the title line. We be rockin’ to your words in class.

Here’s the list for Saturday’s show.

1. Rancid – Journey to the East Bay
2. The Lawrence Arms – Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me, God.
3. Burger Kings – Sensation
4. Enter Shikari – Anything can Happen in the Next Half Hour (Craig)
5. Orange 9mm – When You Lie
6. Rise Against – Like the Angel
7. Agent Orange – Bloodstains
8. Leah Stargazing – New Trend (Josh)
9. The Peabody’s – It only Hurts when I Think
10. The Black Keys – Set You Free
11. The Exploding Heats – I’m a Pretender
12. Face to Face – Big Choice
13. Brand New – Not the Sun (Craig)
14. Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
15. Jawbreaker – Fireman
16. Pinhead Gunpowder – Buffalo
17. Without a Breath – I’ve Already Won (Josh)
18. Fugazi – Margin Walker
19. The Damned – New Rose
20. The Pixies – Debaser

A Third Walkin'

21. Say Anything – Less Cute (Craig)
22. Gaslight Anthem – American Slang
23. The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt
24. fIREHOSE – Brave Captain
25. The Hangout – The Side Effects of Hope (Josh)
26. The Hangout – Fortune Cookies (Josh)
27. Naked Raygun – Only in America
28. The Bouncing Souls – Born Free
29. Apocalypse Hoboken – Congested
30. The Alkaline Trio – Hell Yes
31. Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Snake Devil (Craig)
32. From First to Last – Elvis Said Ambition is a Dream with a V8 Engine (Craig)
33. Forever the Sickest Kids – Robots and Aliens (Craig)
34. Hotbed – Bubbles (Josh)
35. The Fold – Neverender (Josh)
36. Chinese Telephones – Stay Around


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