Scratchy Vinyl March 26 2011

Scratchy Vinyl is back!  I went on a bit of a road trip, made it all the way to L.A. and got to spend some good time in the desert of Arizona.  Much thanks to all those I love and got to see, and all those that helped cover my show while I was away (a special thanks to Jean Armstrong of Grandma’s Jazz for the incidental unplanned fill in last week! The winding hills of the Ozarks proved to be too intense for late night driving.).

A bit of a rocky start to the show today, but technology succumbs!  I would like to point out the irony in having difficulty with playing a technology developed to be listened to on a  hand crank operated sound box…  If you were listening, thanks for sticking with me, and thank you for all the calls!  I appreciate your appreciation! 3 hours! Wish I had remembered the breakfast for my coffee!

Due to my fumbling with technology, I wasn’t able to keep up on a written playlist today, but I am going to share with you the 78 rpm shellac adventures of the morning.  These were of course mixed into the show, and if you listen closely, you can tell when it happens: there is a bit more of a delay and a bit of gray noise when they start playing.  It is all part of the joy and patience of a platter poised to play percussively.

From Twilight Til Dawn, Freddie Martin and his Orch, vocal by Bob Haymes and the Martin Men, Victor
Black Coffee, Sarah Vaughn Orch. by Joe Lipman, Columbia
The Story of My Life, Dinah Shore and Male Quartet and Orch. under direction of Harry Zimmerman, Columbia
I Love Me,  Eddie Cantor, Columbia
To Spring (Edvard Grieg, Op.43, No.6) , Maud Powell (violin solo), Victor
(I’m Heading for the Blue Horizon) Where the Mountains Meet the Sky, Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights, Columbia
Fine and Dandy,  Benny Goodman and his Quintet, Capitol
I’ve got a Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts, Tony Pastor and his Orch., Columbia
Don’t Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face, Lavinia Turner, OKeh
South,  Pete Daily’s Chicagoans, Capitol
Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t (Ma Baby),  Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, Decca
Women (They’ll Get You), Duke Ellington and his Orch., Columbia
The Gentleman is a Dope, Charlie Spivak and his Orch, RCAVictor
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine, Arthur Godfrey with the Mariners, Columbia

Check back in folks and thank you for listening!   78’s from the vault to be heard next week, and more all on WDBX!  Enjoy the rain (and hope for a bumper crop of morels!)

The song surprisingly about picking veggies! in time for spring!  Homer and Jethro, When Banana Skins are Falling…


3 comments on “Scratchy Vinyl March 26 2011

  1. Not sure what the song was, but hearing someone sing about picking vegetables sure put a smile on my face. In fact, the whole family loved it! Thanks for playing this stuff, Sarah!

  2. Scratchy Vinyl says:

    My Pleasure! I am always happy to know that people are enjoying the random as much as I do. I am adding a link to this page of the song. Enjoy!

  3. I should have known! I have Homer and Jethro’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand/She Loves You”… I’m sure I originally picked it up just for the crazy cover photo of them mocking the Beatles.

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