Style City 3/20/11

BinarPilot – Fuayfsilfm (from “Defrag,” on 8bitpeoples)
BinarPilot – Goof

Computer Truck – Euritmix Sux My Dix (from “Rock the Boulevard, Reach the Bourgeois,” on Da Heard It)
Computer Truck –  Flipside
Kenobit – Before The Storm (this, and next three, from “Square Bit Conspiracy” compilation on Calm Down Kidder)
Kenobit – Stupid Boy
Microman – Happy Chipcore
Microman – Psy GB
Anamanaguchi – Fast Turtle (from “Power Supply,” on 8bitpeoples)

Anamanaguch i- Power Supply
Anamanguchi – Video Challenge
Meek – Cumulus (from “Cumulus,” on Panospira)
Pocketmaster – Frag ‘Em (from “Residue,” on Da Heard It)

Trash80 – At Teh Disko (from “Icarus,” on 8bitpeoples)
Trash80 – Icarus
Trash80 – Robot Sneakers
Trash80 – Sodium Sonet
Trash 80 – Missing You

Well, that was the end of the show! Thanks to everyone who listened and called in tonight and I want you to know that I really appreciate all the support and all of the complements. I hope I hear from you next Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm when Style City next opens! By the way we have a winner for the Archie coloring contest……Aur from Your Community Spirit!!! I will definitely have your prize in your mailbox in about a week. Well, have an awesome night! 🙂

Your Tour Guide, Emma


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