Style City 2-27-11

Anamanaguchi – Fast Turtle
Anamanaguchi – Power Supply
Anamanaguchi – Video Challenge
Geir Tjelta – Blue Mazda 323
Geir Tjelta – Brain Artifice
Geir Tjelta – Depressed
Geir Tjelta – Luminous
Geir Tjelta – Melodious
Geir Tjelta – New Song
Geir Tjelta – The Fugitive
Jfrank – Hetzewelle
Jfrank – Mono Contradice
Pierlo – BMX Hero
Pierlo – Deleuxe
Pierlo – Intrusion
Pierlo – Profi 70’s
Pierlo – Venga Bus
Wizwars – 8 Bit Raceway
Wizwars – Cosmic Waveform
Wizwars – Game Boy Rock
Wizwars – Intergalactic Disko Dance
Wizwars – Right Back To You
Mosca – Brave Martyr Pilots (for the rest of the show)

Well, thank you so much for listening to my show tonight and I really appreciate all the calls I received today! Remember, Style City reopens at 3:30 to 5pm next Sunday, so I hope to hear from you then! So once again, thanks for listening and have an awesome night! 🙂
–Your Tour Guide, Emma


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