InsomniROCK’s Metal Night!

If you felt like a wax dummy in Honolulu while listening on Friday, you’re welcome. We had some face-melting action going on the air waves. This Friday is Monster Night! You can leave a monster related song idea here.

I’ve been really gettin’ into a band called The Gaslight Anthem. If anyone knows any bands that sound like them, please let me know!

And here is the metal play list:

1. Against Me! – Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
2. Stormtroopers of Death – Identity
3. Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
4. Megadeath – Peace Sells
5. Mastodon – Blood and Thunder
6. Slapstick – There’s a Metalhead in the Parking Lot

If you were not aware, this is metal.


7. Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
8. Dillenger Escape Plan – Hollywood Squares
9. Tomahawk – Sir, Yes, Sir
10. The Marked Men – Red Light Rumors
11. Iron Maiden – Aces High
12. The Power Rangers Theme
13. In This Moment – Prayers
14. Austrian Death Machine – Get to the Choppa
15. Vader – Reign in Blood (Slayer Cover)
16. GWAR – Saddam a Go-Go
17. Metallica – Seek and Destroy
18. Buckethead – Jordan
19. Acid Bath – What Color is Death?
20. Megadeath – Hook in Mouth
21. House Boat – Are You into Metal?
22. Kalmah – Bitter Metallic Side
23. Fat Sally – Sweat and Blood
24. Devil Driver – I Dreamed I Died
25. High on Fire – Rumors of War
26. In Flames – Scream
27. Megadeath – Sweating Bullets
28. Electric Six – Dance Epidemic
29. Slayer – War Ensemble
30. Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies


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