InsomniROCK: What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!; Play List for 2/12/11

Last week was the zombie apocalypse in Carbondale. Hordes of flesh-eating, brain guzzling undead roamed the streets before being defeated by the WDBX resistance.

Our Zombified Playlist:
1. Tiger Army – Cupid’s Victim
2. The Lawrence Arms – Uptown Free Radio
3. Dropkick Murpheys – Fields of Arthenry
4. The Misfits – Astro Zombies
5. The Briefs – My Girl (Wants to Be a Zombie)
6. Faith No More – Surprise! You’re Dead
7. Minor Threat – Steppin’ Stone
8. Alkaline Trio – Keep ’em Coming
9. Devil Wears Prada – Outnumbered
10. Max Levine Ensemble – Swallow the Fly
11. Face to Face – I Know You Well
12. The Zombies – Indication
13. Chiodos – Those Who Slay Together Stay Together
14. Kid Dynamite – Hateful

Technically, these are from the Apatosaurus species.

15. The Suicide Machines – Honor Among Thieves
16. Dax Riggs – Skulls
17. Sek – Night of the Living Deadbeats
18. Green Day – 2,000 Light Years Away
19. Latterman – Zombies are Pissed
20. Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Dead
21. The Groovie Ghoulies – Outbreak!
22. Hillbilly Hellcats – Dead Man’s Party
23. The Arrivals – Elise
24. Banner Pilot – Pensacola
25. Fugazi – Waiting Room
26. Screeching Weasel – My Brain Hurts
27. The Rentals – Friends of P
28. The Fleshtones – I was a Teenage Zombie
29. The Mr. T Experience – Sex Offender
30. Millencolin – Stop to Think
31. Jonathon Coulton – Re: Your Brains
32. Punkin Pie – Bone Digger
33. Teenage Bottlerocket – Fall for Me
34. G. G. Allin – Outskirts of Life
35. Michale Graves – Dawn of the Dead
36. The Creepshow – Zombies Ate Her Brain
37. Lagwagon – E. Dagger
38. The Misfits – Night of the Living Dead
39. The Leftovers – She Doesn’t Like Me Anymore
40. Less Than Jake – History of a Boring Town
41. The Serlingtons – Zombie Tsunami

Next week, Friday at Midnight…

Don’t worry if you feel like a wax mannequin in Honolulu: that’s just your face melting. It’s metal night!


2 comments on “InsomniROCK: What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!; Play List for 2/12/11

  1. insomnirock says:

    Good call. I feel like another night of the living dead is on the horizon. I can smell the rotting flesh already.

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