Style City 2-20-11

8 Bit Operators – Pocket Calculator
8 Bit Operators – The Robots
Brian- Bomba Clara – Tanzen Allee – Zonoff
Brian – Ce Soir, Le Piano
Brian – Vamos A La Playa
Candlestick Maker – Aquarius
Candlestick Maker – Drops of Light – Seeds – Upitup Records
Candlestick Maker – Drops of Night/ Dreamer
Candlestick Maker – Seeds
Candlestick Maker – Sun Rise
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Let A
Sleepy Town Manufacture – Not A Big Deal – Inspired By You – Sutemos
Mosca – Brave Martyr Pilots – Brave Martyr Pilots – Self-release (This is an hour long piece, i really wish i could have played it all it’s really cool!)
DEB – Calle Juinn – Miyako – Audio808
DEB – Sin Muralla
DEB – Tronconio
DEB- Don’t Go
DEB – In My Head
DEB- Champagney Melon (just in case you missed it from last week)

Well guys, that was the end of the show! Thank you all for listening and calling in, I really appreciate it! Remember to tune in again next Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm. Have a great night and see ya later!

— Your Tour Guide, Emma


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