Whirled Peas Comes Full Circle {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

Mondays 7a-9a

WPC Radio: Musical Comfort Food with a World of Spice

Spring has blown in with gale force this week. Quite a tumultuous week of wind and warmth after the frozen temps of last week. Jason has been making hay of the fortunate weather. Well, metaphoric hay, in any case. Jason’s day job is running a farm with his wife, Sarah of Jazz Buffet fame. Their farm is dedicated to sustainable agriculture applying organic practices. This week has them scrambling to get a hoop house up and functional with a little help from their friends. My help this week was to do a last minute fill-in for his show, Full Circle. What are friends for? And what a pleasure! Filling in for Jason gives me a chance to do a more energy infused drive time. I’m normally waking folks up in the morning rather than sending them home from work.

I always have a playlist or two in progress. So even as our show started out with some technical difficulties. BRP was on hand. I helped him switch the transmitter heat out put in the attic; he helped trouble-shoot at computer glitch that was not allowing me to access the audio from the KEXP sessions. I had had more KEXP sections on tap, but things happen. This is why I always have a back-up or three.

KEXP is one of my secret weapons. A trick of my trade. If I”m trying to play fresh content on the fly, it is my favorite go-to source. The advantages it gives are multiple including: 1) The artists are varied in genre, but all sensational in craft and sensibility, 2) KEXP has equipment that we could dream about combined with an excellent production staff, 3) Quite often their live studio versions are better than the CD/MP3 “official” releases of material, and 4) I don’t have to worry about a non-FCC sanctioned “wardrobe malfunction,” because it is produced for on-air radio consumption. My personal iGoogle page sports an app that feeds three or so free download songs of the day. I friend them on FaceBook. And many of these playlists selections are from their live studio sessions. KEXP is but one of my valued sources, one that is a total joy to share with you all.

Peas Out! Tune in Monday from 7a-9a for the regularly scheduled Whirl of Peas!

Man Trouble Hazmat Modine
The Sky Is Crying Elmore James
Crazy Baby Joan Osborne
Cat In A Dog Suit Belleruche

Huepaje Bomba Estéreo
Black Balloons The Kills

Longform The Dodos
Written In Reverse Spoon
Feelin’ Bomba Estéreo

Elysian Persuasion Ozomatli
Love Is Growth Taiyo Na
Clockwatching Belleruche
All Alone In an Empty House Lost In the Trees
Toxic Yael Naïm
Advice of the Bartenders to the Urban Cowboy Blues Ginn Sisters
Walk With Me Moby et al

It Feels Like Rain Shaun Murphy
Nomvula (After the Rain) Freshlyground
I Shall Be Released Bob Dylan
In My Pocket The Cat Empire
Rocket In My Pocket Little Feat
I Can’t Stand the Rain Lowell George


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