Style City 2-13-11

Zavoloka Versus Kotra – Diminutive — To Kill The Tiny Groovy Cat — Nexsound
Zavoloka Versus Kotra – Charming
Zavoloka Versus Kotra – Slay
Zavoloka Versus Kotra – Caterwaul
Zavoloka Versus Kotra – Un Dimanche A La Campagne
JKP – Un Dinmanche A La Campagne — Robot Concerto — 20kbps
JKP – Robot Concerto
Marasmatronics Project – Intro — Marasmatronics — 20kbps
Marasmatronics Project – Zo
DEB – Calle Juinn — Miyako — Audio808
DEB – Sin Muralla
DEB – Tronconjo
DEB – Don’t Go
DEB – In My Head
DEB – Champagney Melon
DEB – Miyako
Listen With Sarah – Mulatto — Are You Sitting Comfortably? — Wombnet
Listen With Sarah – Dub Cha Pop
Listen With Sarah – Rainsticks
Sinux – Onolulu — Aerorradioestaciones — Audio 808
Sinux – Planetarism
Sinux – Aerorradiospacial
Sinux – Oh No Sistema
Sinux – Flooptuacio
Roman Slavka – Null — After Long Time of Mute — Nexsound
Roman Slavka – Complete Absorption
Roman Slavka – Memory Plane
Roman Slavka – Effusively
Roman Slavka – Some Talk About Seventy Four

From there its all Roman Slavka. I am really happy with the many calls I received tonight. I am glad to hear from you to see what you think of my show, so thanks for those who called in and or or listened. Well, I hope you have a great night and once again hope to hear from you next Sunday from 3:30 to 5pm when Style City next opens! 🙂 –Your Tour Guide, Emma


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