The Galaxy – It isn’t Valentines Day yet!

Jimi Hendrix performs for Dutch television sho...

Jimi Hendrix on Dutch television in 1967 (Image via Wikipedia)

We started off tonight’s show with some Jimi Hendrix.  It has been a while since I’ve done some Hendrix on the show.  Of course, when I do Hendrix, it is hard for me not to do some live material, so we have here a mix of material from Electric Ladyland and the January 1, 1970 show that was memorialized on the Band of Gypsies album, and rereleased in remastered and expanded form as “Live at the Filmore East” in 1999.

Next we heard a lovely set of cuts from Charles Mingus.  Part of Mingus’ brilliance as a composer lay in his willingness to experiment while simultaneously hewing close to that which lay at the core of his sound – his blues, his gospel influences.  Another part of his brilliance was his unique ability to bring in musicians who understood and shared his unique musical vision, and then impart his musical inspiration to them aurally – he did not write sheet music.  The selections that we heard tonight contained a variety of musical influences, from hard blues to classical, and yet was fully, undeniably Mingus.  Charles Mingus was truly one of our great American composers.

I’ve also been in the mood to hear some Metallica.  This was inspired by a friend’s insistence that “Metallica sucks”, something to which I naturally strenuously disagree.  To me, the natural response is to play what may be one of the truly top-flight metal songs ever written, Master of Puppets, from the album of the same name.

We followed Metallica with a bit of Sonic Youth.  I’d been wanting to do some Sonic Youth for a few weeks, after my daughter had asked me about them.  It is a nice thing when you can share good, creative music with your family.  I played her material from their 1990 Goo album, from which we heard Dissapearer, and from their classic 1988 Daydream Nation.  I have done similarly here.

It has been a while since I’ve done a metal set, given all of the classical music I’ve been playing in recent weeks.  So I gave in to the urge to “rock out, with some choice selections from some choice bands.

Here is the official playlist, as maintained on my website.

Composer Performer Title Genre Label
Jimi Hendrix
Voodoo Chile
Rock, Classic, Psychedelic
MCA, 1968
Machine Gun
MCA, 1999
MCA, 1968
Charles Mingus
Jazz, post-bop, avant garde
Columbia, 1959
Pussy Cat Dues
Song with Orange
Columbia, 1960
Master of Puppets
Metal, Thrash
Elektra, 1986
Fade to Black
Elektra, 1984
Sonic Youth
Rock, post-punk, indie, experimental, avant garde
Geffen, 1990
Geffen, 1988
Cancer Bats
Scared to Death
Distort, 2008
Killswitch Engage
Rose of Sharyn
Roadrunner, 2004
Iron Tusk
Relapse, 2004
Lamb of God
Sony, 2004
Stormtroopers of Death
Metal, hardcore
Megaforce, 1984

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