“Style City” 2/6/11

Scrambled Mache – Temper
Scrambled Mache – Dream Speaker
Scrambled Mache – Deforestation of Brasil
Scrambled Mache – Fifty Seven
Scrambled Mache – Under Cover
Scrambled Mache – Egg Yolk
The Gasman – Flics
The Gasman – Kwaq
The Gasman – Nomadic Duck
The Gasman – Set Me Free
Bit Basic – The Lack of Anything Good
Koen Park – Alright Kids, Let’s Country!
Koen Park- The Nowhere Community
Mattisson – Ovate
Nonima – Intention Focus
Boards of Canada- Roygbiv
Phlogiston – I Was In the War
Phlogiston – Constellation Chaos
Phlogiston – PING PONG
Phlogiston – Wonder Bounce
Tooth Eye – Extoplasmic Fix
Tooth Eye – The Green Seep
From here on I played some of the songs from “What is Species?” by Animal Style. Well guys,  thanks for listening and I hope you liked the show! Feel free to visit Style City again from 3:30 to 5pm for more abstract pop, electronica, idm, and chip tunes. Have an awesome night, and I hope to hear from you next Sunday! –Your Tour Guide, Emma


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