Scratchy Vinyl, 2/5/2011

What a pleasure to rise this morning blinded by  fluffy snow outside my window!  (Even more a pleasure when a broom was all I needed to clear my stairs and car!)  It’s no blizzard, but it will do!  In reverence to the pleasant winter precipitation,  I found some snowy numbers for you today.

Claude Thornhill, Snowfall
The Dorsey Brothers with Mildred Bailey, Snowball
Nat King Cole, Paradise

‘Tain’t… What a wonder of word melding! Contractionate!
The amazing things that an apostrophe can do folks!
What is your favorite made up word?

Glenn Miller and Orch.  ‘T’ain’t No Use At All
Sy Oliver and Orch. ‘Tain’t What You Do
Sentimental Journey, 40’s, Stormy Weather
Flatt & Scruggs, Footprints in the Snow
Ben Colder, Don’t Go Near The Eskimos
Lynn Anderson, Snowbird
Billie Holliday
Andy Kirk and His Clouds OF Joy, Froggy Bottom
Bill Black’s Combo, Leap Frog
Ella Fitzgerald, Let’s Fall in Love
John Kirby and his Sextet, Samson and Delilah
Tony Bennet, I’m Always Chasing Rainbows
Hank Thompson, Driving Nails in My Coffin

A sparrow in the studio! In an attempt to let some of the heat escape from the sauna, I mean station, a door was propped. Apparently a little sparrow friend thought it a fine idea to hop on in.  Quite a surprise  when it came hopping into the booth with me!  After trying to gain some trust, I introduced an exit strategy of a cracked door, and he re-entered the winter wonderland!  Fun for creatures great and small!

Bessie Smith, You’ve Been a Good Ol’ Wagon
Jimmy Martin, Undo Whats Been Done
Arthur Fields, I Could Stand A Lot of Lovin’ From You
Brenda Lee, Sweet Nothin’s
John Lee Hooker, Whiskey and Wimmin
Bix Beiderbecke, I’ll Be a Friend With Pleasure
Fletcher Henderson and Orch. Keep a Song In Your Soul
Gene Austin, She’s Funny That Way
Sophie Tucker, Hello My Baby
Glenn Miller and Orch. Rockin’ Chair
Spike Jones and His City Slickers, I Dream of Brownie with the Light Blue Jeans
Majestic Dance Orch., Let’s Fall in Love
Rudy Valiee and His Connecticut Yankees, I’m Just A Vagabond Lover
Enoch Light, Lover’s Concerto

Fleet Foxes, White Winter Hymnal/ Ragged Wound

Smothers Brothers, Chocolate
Pete Fountain, Let’s Have A Ball
Glenn Miller and Orch. Solitude

Next week is the Ball folks!
A Venetian Masquerade, Saturday Feb. 12.
I know I am exited to see how long I manage to stay a mystery in my mask, How ’bout you?
Hope to see you there!


2 comments on “Scratchy Vinyl, 2/5/2011

  1. While I’m well aware that’s it’s completely juvenile, I’m still cracking up that you managed to find more than one song with “taint” in the title.

    Also, according to the Ken Burns doc, it’s Bix BY-der-beck.

  2. Scratchy Vinyl says:

    Oh there are more than two! I almost played ’tain’t nobody’s business… but I thought it might be overdoing it. I can only imagine there are more! ‘Tain’t is a fun word, it is not. Taint: to infect, contaminate, corrupt, or spoil (among other things). The correlation between an absurd contraction and the word itself makes me smile.

    And yes, I generally can pronounce Bix’s name properly, I had misspelled it however, so technically I was still correct. Thanks to the caller who helped me sort out my moment of confusion!

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