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Yesterday, Thursday, January 27, I subbed for Jason for 1 hour and then Noah Leverett subbed for Jason for the second hour. I can only vouch for my own stuff, and so I’m offering you this record of what I played. It was one of the most fun and relaxing experiences, and I got accolades from two friends of mine afterwards.

I led in with the Band because it sounded so southern, and it seemed like the best connection I had to Little Feat, that had just been played previously by Dave. Thank you so much to Rosie for working the board for me. I’ll be trained on the board February 19 and then won’t be so high maintenance for the others around the station to take care of. Thank you Lori for your enthusiasm and support, and for patiently welcoming me.


The Band, Up on Cripple Creek and The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down
Simon and Garfunkel, Scarborough Fair
Ali Farka Toure, Kadi, Kadi
Beau Soleil, Freemen’s Zydeco
Stevie Wonder, Master Blaster (Jammin’)
Bob Marley, Soul Almighty
Rishi Nitya Pragya, Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om
Joni Mitchell, For Free

Fleetwood Mac, Songbird
Beatles, Fixing a Hole
Bryan Bowers, Satisfied Mind
Allan Sherman, One Hippopotami


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