Isabella Take Two

Isabella: Where Classical & Classic Meets Spiritual

What qualifies as a Classic? Age only? That doesn’t seem like enough. What qualifies as music that is spiritually uplifting? When I get to the station, it feels like my purpose is that I’m playing sound, vibration, that uplifts the spirit and takes human beings to another place. Some call it a place of transcendence. Even the popular tunes can often uplift and magnify that part of the listener that is better than the mundane, everyday, seemingly constant focus on the external, material world. Striving in that physical world somehow denies who we really are, which is part of the divine.
On Tuesday, January 18, the following tunes appeared to me that they qualified as spiritually uplifting and I played them as part of my DJ training on the Random show at 4 pm… If you have feedback please let me know. I’m still working on the radio skills. Meanwhile I just hope you’ll just sit back, relax, and enjoy my taste in music. If not, I hope you’ll forgive me but the dial is always there, and you’re always welcome to come back and tune in again later. I have confidence in you, my listener, that you’ll do whatever’s best for you and that you can somehow handle the wide diversity of music contained herein.
Mozart- Eine Kleine Nachtmusic- Allegro
KD Laing- Shadowland
John Gorka- Cypress Trees

Fleetwood Mac- Dreams
Dolly Parton- Silver Dagger
Deva Premal- Yemaya Assessu
Bach Flute Sonatas- Sonate en trio pour flute, viole de gambe
Allen Sherman- Sarah Jackman
Beau Soleil- Angela’s Waltz
Bryan Bowers- Walkin’ in Jerusalem
Allman Brothers- Blue Sky
Michael Jackson- Man in the Mirror
Beatles- When I’m 64
Louis Armstrong- You Made Me Love You
Joni Mitchell- Circle Game
Stevie Wonder- I Just Called to Say I Love You
Steve Miller Band- Swingtown
Majnun- Shelter
Simon and Garfunkel- For Emily Whenever I May Find Her


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