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If you are an avid listener to WDBX, then you’ve heard DaveX’s promo piece urging you to drop us a line at wdbxfeedback(at) WDBX management, board and volunteers are always looking to hear from the members. Don’t be shy. Take the time and drop us a line or give us a call…or even easier, post a comment on the blog. There is an oft-quoted old saw that states for every 1 responder there are 10…100…1000…who are thinking the same thoughts.

We can read tea leaves and consult cosmic star charts, but hearing directly from you is our preferred method of knowledge gathering. Absent the direct contact, we are not without our powers of divination. The stats page on WordPress let’s us know who is Top Author, which posts are most frequented, what outside links directed you to us, what search terms where used to find us, and what hyperlinks folks followed from our posts. It also let’s us know about pingbacks which are best illustrated: back in October I played Te Es Mon Secours by Aseline Volcy (Note: hyperlink) which at least one of my listeners hit causing a ping on their site so they gave a shout out on their page that “Whirled Pwa Kafe Radyowas playing their tunes. That would be me, Whirled Peas Café Radio {WPC Radio}.

It is terrific to hear from artists, especially when they post a comment or send us goodies to sample and play, but it is you that we spend the most time pondering. I might have a great song, but wonder if it will sound as great over your first cup of morning coffee as it would paired with your final glass of evening Cabernet. And why is it that some playlist posts are rarely referenced a week after there first posting and others are selected perennially? Snow Day is a mystery to me and to any one I’ve asked. Since that first snow day back in early December, listeners have viewed it consistently on a near daily basis. Why? I posted my thoughts this weekend in my Bottom’s Op blog. Please let me know if you have any insight on this. Success is something I like to replicate when I can.

Today’s playlist reflects your feedback. The songs, artists, and renditions were informed by feedback that I’ve gotten when you call on the studio line, chat me up on the street, or make a comment on the Whirled Peas Café FaceBook fan page. The original version of The First Cut Is the Deepest performed by a very young Cat Stevens is the winner of the September Polldaddy poll. Hope you keep on listening and clicking…for now, Peas Out! or as my friends at Camp Festus say, Peas & Bacon Grease!

Summitt Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green
Yesterday Morning Hazmat Modine
Different Goapele & Mos Def

S.O.S. Gin Wigmore
Fire Is Low Freshlyground
First Cut Is The Deepest Cat Stevens (pre-Yusuf Islam)
Postmodern World Karen Zoid

Frankly Ila Mawana
Pot Belly Freshlyground
Pastures of Plenty Medley Tennessee Ernie Ford & Odetta
Pastures of Plenty Alison Krauss & Union Station
Slumber My Darling Alison Krauss & Yo Yo Ma

Chinese Translation M. Ward
Peace Train Yusuf Islam (post-Cat Stevens)
In from the Storm Lizz Wright
The Little Song of Hope Mehran
Will the Circle Be Unbroken Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, Levon Helm & Too Many Others to List
Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues Francine Reed
You Are My Sunshine Ray Charles & The Raylettes

Stardust Melody Louis Armstrong
Northern Girls Belleruche


One comment on “Feedback {Whirled Peas Café Radio}

  1. […] is enriched by caller feedback. (If you doubt how much I love feedback, check out the earlier post Feedback.) To me, that is the essence of community radio. This is not a one-way road. This is a […]

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